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How to become a smart FMCG products retailer?

Posted on: November 21st, 2020 05:05 PM

Retailing is a lot more complicated than you think. In today's scenario, a successful retailer has to cover both online and offline markets. Convincing a consumer directly to purchase a product is also an art, especially when it comes to FMCG goods where there is a neck to neck competition.

Two pivotal decisions that FMCG retailer has to take are, selecting which products to retail and which distributor to buy from.

Products:- In a market where the consumer is the king, you have to serve what the consumer demands. Diversify your product list and offer a variety of options.

You can serve two kinds of products, those that are evergreen in demand and those that have high potential in the future. In the FMCG industry, predicting future consumer trends is very important. For eg:- In the future, there will be a high demand of healthy food products as people are getting health conscious.

Distributor/supplier:- One of the factors that affect your business is your relationship with the distributor. The brand that your distributor deals in should have a good name in the market and also his channel/process should be effective, helpful, and ethical. Trusting your distributor is essential for long term success.

Two of the main skill resources that FMCG retailer needs to sustain and grow his business are marketing and sales.

  • Marketing: Approaching a large section of your target market is the key to keep your business going. Marketing the products you want to sell is not a one-time thing but an on-going continuous process. Over time, a lot of techniques and mediums have developed to help you generate a buzz for your business. To keep up with the competition, you have to keep up with the digital world.
  • Sales: Many people have this misconception that sales and marketing are the same things. Well, they are not. Sales are associated with managing customer relationships, activities surrounding the ultimate sales, and improving outflow/inflow. To improve your sales, you need to do more than just marketing.

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