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Refresh Your Career with the Most Promising FMCG Brand

Posted on: January 11th, 2021 01:13 PM

Post-lockdown, the employment market is grim. Jobs are few and far between. During the lockdown, only a few industries thrived while the rest suffered disastrous losses. One of these industries is the FMCG or CPG industry.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods(FMCG) also called Consumer Packaged Goods(CPG), consists of everyday essential products including food and food products, toiletries and other products which we use daily.

Obviously, these products’ demand will never decrease, so it is one of the best industries to work for. Here at NJ, we know very well the market and the opportunities available for people to learn, earn and thrive on their own feet.

We have come up with Refresh, an organic food and Ayurvedic medicine brand. We are introducing new products that weren’t easily available in the market previously, we need YOU to get these products to the people who matter.

Yes, we are inviting you to become a Refresh smart retailerbefore we proceed, here are some points to note for those of you who are still in two minds.

Why to choose FMCG?

  • Requires Skills, not qualifications

No matter what your qualifications are (or even if you are a dropout), the FMCG sector industry requires you to have the right skills, not qualifications. What’s more, these skills can be learnt and implemented on the job, either by yourself or with someone’s help.

  • Fast paced

The customer is king. You can predict but can’t anticipate their purchasing behaviour. If any segment of customers like a particular product, it could mean windfall gains to anyone and everyone who is selling it. You have the chance of making big bucks if you can pick up the right signals suggesting which product will work and when.

  • Secure livelihood

Once you get yourself established in the market and have a large number of repeat customers, there is no doubt you can live a financially secure life till the day you die. Once you learn how to become anorganic food retailer with Refresh, you need not worry about your financial status.

  • Strong growth prospects

FMCG is the fourth largest employer in India with an expected 22% growth rate per year. The rise in rural consumption for FMCG goods is what makes your career prospects smoother. It doesn’t matter where you stay, what matters is how well you can sell the products on a regular basis.

About Refresh

Over a period of time, people are increasingly shifting towards organic and healthy food, as food available in the markets can be adulterated with pesticides or have various unhealthy components in it.

Here, we are offering an opportunity to everyone who is looking for a secure livelihood with complete business security. One thing to note, WE ARE NOT A MULTI LEVEL MARKETING brand. We do not provide any commission on sales. You earn the difference between our concessional rates and the MRP of the product.

How to become a Refresh smart retailer?

You can register online for free by filling a simple form. Next, you need to purchase a Refresh smart retailer business kit. Once you have done so, you’ll get your login credentials for placing your first order. As an exclusive Refresh Smart Retailer, you have the benefit of getting ALL of Refresh’s products at a concessional rate. You can then proceed to sell these products at the Maximum Retail Price(MRP).

Refresh will be needing a FSSAI licence in your name for selling its food products. If you do not have the FSSAI license at present, you can still become an Ayurvedic product retailer and also sell any of our non-food products.

Why Refresh?

Though Refresh is a relatively new brand, it comes from the diversified NJ group of companies, renowned for their distribution of financial products and insurance. When you become a Refresh Smart Retailer(RSR), you get all kind of support to carry out your business- training, marketing, sales and technology support. With this, you have all the support needed to establish a full-fledged retail concern.

You can sell Refresh products either from home, make space for it in your existing retail establishment or sell as and when needed(as a part-time side business)

Do business on your own terms.

With Refresh, you have a one-stop solution to earn at your own terms with free 360 Degree support from Refresh. We aren’t one of those ‘Work from home’ companies who give you work and then vanish before you collect your dues. We also do not expect anything else from you, besides selling the products you have sourced from us.If you still need any kind of clarifications, please feel free to contact us on (+91) 635 998 8000 or write us an email at


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