Top 3 Best Edible Oils and Their Health Benefits

Posted on December 15th, 2020 12:49 PM
Edible Oils & Their Health Benefits

Edible oil is a prominent part of any cuisine. It is especially relevant in Indian cuisine because it is used in most dishes. Without cooking oil, it is difficult to imagine our diverse and delicious cuisine. Since it is consumed by us daily, in one form or another, it is very important to be aware of what type of edible oil you are consuming. There are numerous types of edible oils available in the market now. People are trying different edible oils like sesame oil, mustard oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil, almond oil, etc. However, the three edible oils which dominate the Indian market and are used by every household in India are Coconut oil, Sunflower oil, and groundnut oil. Since these oils are prominent, we shall discuss these three oils in today's blog.

Every oil is beneficial in its own way. However, you have to select the one which best suits your lifestyle and food habits. Picking the right edible oil option is very important, as you and your family will consume it every day. Before talking broadly about these oils, it is important to know that within these options also lie many sub-options, relating to brands and ingredients. Conventional oils are refined, processed, and adulterated. They just provide you with fats as the nutrients diminish during the processing. Hence, one should go for organic oils that are natural, pure, cold-pressed, and unrefined. They keep the nutrients intact which makes them a much healthier option.

Let's discuss the benefits of the three most loved edible oils in India.

1. Coconut oil: Coconut oil is widely famous in India and has varied uses. It is mostly used as an edible oil to make delicious food. It has several benefits which is the reason why people prefer it to use for consumption. One of the main benefits is that it is light and easily digestible. It is rich in Vitamin E and is a good source of many antioxidants. It has unsaturated fats that improve cholesterol levels and hence it is heart-healthy. Organic coconut oil is pure, unrefined, unbleached, and non-deodorized. Organic oil safeguards the composition of fatty acids and nutrients that coconuts have to offer.

Health benefits of organic coconut oil include:
Contains Healthy fats that control cholesterol and boosts heart health.
- Immense antioxidant, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that protect our health.
- Helps to fight bacteria in the mouth and is great for oral health.
- May improve brain functions and fight the symptoms of brain diseases.
- Increases fat burning and helps to reduce belly fat.
- Improves insulin sensitivity and helps to control blood sugar.

2. Sunflower oil: Sunflower oil is very prevalent in India as many people use it for making their daily meals, especially people from northern states. It is a very versatile oil and is generally used for deep-frying, pan-frying, and baking Indian dishes. Sunflower oil has immense nutrients, in fact, it has the highest amount of Vitamin E, as compared to other oils. It does not contain sodium and is a good source of fatty acids. Organic sunflower oil is cold-pressed from 100% pure ad natural sunflower seeds. Since it doesn't go through a refining process, the nutrients in it stay intact. It is unadulterated and doesn't go through any harmful process.

Health benefits of Sunflower oil include:
Fatty acids present in it help to lower bad cholesterol.
- It is heart-healthy and helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases.
- Improves metabolism and boosts energy.
- Rich in antioxidants and fights with free radicals.
- Helps in building and repairing tissues.
- Reduces toxins in the body and strengthens the immune system.
- Clears digestive tract and prevents digestion related problems.

3. Groundnut oil: Groundnut oil is the most used edible oil in our country. It has numerous health benefits since it is also used in the making of several medicines. It is a good source of everything i.e fatty acids, nutrients, antioxidants, etc which makes it the desirable combination. Due to its high smoking point, it proves to be a perfect edible oil choice for cooking Indian dishes. Organic groundnut oil is cold-pressed from groundnuts that are grown organically i.e. without any use of fertilizers and pesticides. This organic edible oil is super healthy with loaded nutrients. It is also 100% natural and completely safe.

Health benefits of groundnut oil include:
Keeps the sugar levels in control.
- Lowers bad cholesterol and improves good cholesterol.
- Reduces the risk of heart diseases and stroke.
- Antioxidants clear away toxins and reduces the chances of chronic diseases.
- Control blood pressure and improves insulin sensitivity.
- Increases the growth of immune cells and strengthens the immune system.
- Vitamin E has anti-aging benefits that maintain the skin's health.
- Reduces the risk of several cancerous diseases like prostate cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, etc.

Summing it up
Although these oils are very nutritious, just making an informed buying decision relating to edible oils won't make your lifestyle healthy. You also need to use these oils correctly and in the right proportion. Refrain from making/eating too much oily food, especially during the night. Keep your meals light and healthy.


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