• GARLIC PICKLE - 200g
  • GARLIC PICKLE - 200g
  • GARLIC PICKLE - 200g
  • GARLIC PICKLE - 200g
  • GARLIC PICKLE - 200g


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Rating4/5 based on 29 reviews
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Refresh Garlic Pickle is a zesty condiment. It is spicy, tangy and full of flavour. Its strong garlicky flavour and aroma make any dish interesting to eat.
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Garlic pickle is one of the most popular pickles as Indians love the spicy and smoky taste of garlic. Garlic can add more flavour and zest to any dish, and the same goes for garlic pickles. Nicely chopped pieces of garlic are mixed with warm spices and oil to make this pickle. This pickle can make any bland meal much more delicious.

About This Item:-

  • Refresh Garlic Pickle is a zesty condiment.
  • Its strong garlicky flavour and aroma can make any bland meal much more delicious.
  • High-quality ingredients are used to make this pickle.
  • Refresh pickle is made to remain fresh and flavourful throughout.

Perfect Condiment :-

  • Refresh Garlic Pickle is mostly eaten with meals that are mild in taste. The fiery and hot flavour of this pickle perfectly balances with plain snacks, rotis, curd & rice etc.

Benefits of Refresh Garlic Pickle :-


Made with a rich blend of various flavourful ingredients, the mouth-watering taste of this pickle can leave you with a satisfying feeling.

Best Quality Ingredients

Only the choicest quality ingredients are used in making this pickle. Care has been taken for maintaining the best quality so that you can relish a delicious flavour along with good health.

A perfect side Dish

This pickle offers the tasty flavour of several ingredients. The combination of all different ingredients makes this pickle a delightful condiment that can be enjoyed with several Indian meals.


As this pickle is made with the finest quality ingredients, it can be preserved for a good duration of time.

Why to choose Refresh Garlic Pickle :-

  • Delicious flavour - The presence of various appetizing ingredients provides it with a rich and relishing taste.
  • Finest quality ingredients - Ingredients of the best quality are used in making this pickle safe for consumption.
  • Comes in a user-friendly and solid glass jar - This pickle comes nicely packed in an air-tight glass jar, so it can be easily preserved.
  • A healthy condiment - This pickle might have many beneficial nutrients that can enhance your overall health.
  • The product of a trusted FMCG brand - Pickles are a trusted and loved product of Refresh.

Key Ingredients :-

  • Garlic (50%), Salt, Cottonseed Oil, Red Chilli Powder, Fenugreek, Mustard, Turmeric, Compounded Asafoetida, Acetic Acid And Class II Preservatives E-211

Usage Instrucion :-

  • Refrigerate after opening.
  • Use a dry spoon to scoop pickle.

Manufacturers Details: HARSHAD MANGO PRODUCTS PVT. LTD. | At: Fokdi, Netrang, Dist. Bharuch, Gujarat-393130 | FSSAI: 10012021000357

Marketed by : REFRESH WELLNESS PRIVATE LIMITED | Block No. 502, B Tower, Udhna Udhyognagar Sangh Commercial Complex, Central Road 10, Udhna Surat - 394210. | FSSAI LIC.NO.:10019021004555
For customer feedback contact us on 9909020696 or e-mail at cc@refreshyourlife.in or write at above mentioned address.


Rating 4/5 based on 29 reviews

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Rahul Chawla
Rahul Chawla

Zesty and mouthwatering experience

Refresh brand's pickle is pickle paradise! Its bold flavors and satisfying crunch make it the pickle I reach for whenever I need a snack.

Poonam Patel
Poonam Patel

Tangy explosion on the palate

I can't get enough of Refresh brand's pickle! Its mouthwatering taste and crispiness make it the ultimate pickle experience.


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