• Phool Natural Incense Cones Jasmine - 40 U
  • Phool Natural Incense Cones Jasmine - 40 U

Phool Natural Incense Cones Jasmine - 40 U

Rating5/5 based on 2 reviews
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Table with Curved Corners and Border
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Country of Origin: India
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Price in points: 145
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Rating 5/5 based on 2 reviews

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Rishi Kapoor (not the celebrity)
Rishi Kapoor (not the celebrity)

A Bit Strong for Small Spaces

The jasmine fragrance of these Phool cones is beautiful, but it can be a bit strong for smaller spaces. If you have a large living room or open floor plan, they're perfect.

Tara Prasad
Tara Prasad

Perfect Jasmine Scent

It's natural and not artificial-smelling, and it fills the room beautifully. They also burn clean and leave minimal ash, which is a big plus.


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