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Refresh sweet lemon pickle is a sweet and sour lemon pickle that’s prevalent in Indian cuisine for many years.This pickle is made keeping in mind the taste of traditional home-made lemon pickles.

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There are thousands of pickle recipes and each one has varying ingredients and tastes. Sweet lime pickle aka meetha nimbu ka achar has lime as its key ingredient. Its sourness quotient is more as compared to raw mango pickle. It is loved by everyone for its sweet and tangy taste. Refresh sweet lemon pickle is one of a kind pickle that brings a burst of flavour to your regular meals. It keeps up the reputation of pickles with its rich sour taste.

Ingredients Used:-

  • Refresh Sweet lemon pickle contains lime, red chilli powder, mustard, fenugreek, and cumin-coriander powder. This pickle is a burst of flavour as it is both sweet and sour.

Perfect Condiment:-

  • Refresh Sweet lime pickle is often eaten with regular lunch meals or with evening snacks. It titillates your taste buds and brings flavour to any meal.

Benefits of sweet Refresh Sweet lemon pickle:-

  • The sweet and sour pickle is a wonderful delight when savoured with Indian meals.
  • Helps to digest meals easily and improves metabolism.
  • Contains zero cholesterol and is rich in iron.
  • Packed in a user-friendly and travel-friendly airtight glass jar.
  • Free from artificial flavours, chemicals, and additives.

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