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A pickle is made from fruit or vegetable that has been preserved in a vinegar or brine solution. Pickles are often eaten as a condiment and are also used as ingredients in other recipes. Pickles are a great way to enhance the taste of every meal. Re:fresh offers a wide variety of traditional pickles that form an integral part of Indian food culture. Pickles are available in a wide variety and are consumed on a daily basis in India. Re:fresh pickles are made with premium quality ingredients. It is made sure that they stay true to the authentic taste that people are accustomed to for generations. Re:fresh has an extensive range of delicious Indian pickles. Garlic pickle is made with fresh garlic and pickling spices. It is a classic Indian pickle that is often served as a side dish with meals. Green Chilli pickle is made with green chilli, spices and salt. This pickle is best served as a side dish with lunch and dinner. Kerda pickle has a unique texture as it is mainly made up of kerda. Gooey Kerda and hot, warm spices like red chilli, black pepper etc, when mixed with oil, make up a flavourful pickle that can make your mouth water. The ingredients of this pickle are quite simple yet the taste is unforgettable. Lemon pickle is made with lemons and spices. It has a strong citrusy flavour and can be enjoyed with several recipes. The Mango pickle is the most loved pickle of all made with raw mangoes, sugar and flavourous spices. It has a sweet and fruity taste that can be enjoyed as a condiment or as a snack. A mixed pickle is a blend of different veggies. Its flavour will surprise you with its mild taste You can be a fan of traditional pickles or be looking for something new and exciting to try, Re:fresh Pickle recipes are sure to please you. 


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