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Readymade Chutney

Chutneys can be served along with your favourite breakfast and snacks. Some chutney recipes go extremely well with south Indian dishes, while some go very well with snacks like samosas. Chutney is served along with the all dishes of Indian Cuisines and adds its own exciting flavour to any food that it is paired with. The best part about chutney is how you can play with different ingredients be it fruits, herbs or vegetables, you always end up with a winning recipe. Re:fresh offers you an extensive range of popular Indian chutneys that forms a perfect condiment. Packed with the goodness of the right quality ingredients and relishing taste, they offer a flavour that you shouldn’t miss. Be it your favourite snack or meal, these chutneys can enhance the taste of all kinds of dishes. They impart the authentic taste of the traditional recipe. Re:fresh has a complete list of chutneys that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Dry Fruit Mango chutney is made with raw mango, and spices, and has a nutty flavour of dry fruits. It's a delicious and sweet way to add some flavour to your meals. Re:fresh Garlic Chutney is made with fresh garlic and green or red chillies. It's another tasty and spicy option that you'll love for your next meal. It definitely sets the temperature high and can be easily preserved in jar or glass bottles. Re:fresh Tamarind Date chutney has a sweet and tangy taste that makes the snacks more flavourful and delicious. It is made with tamarind, dates, red chilli powder and jaggery together. It's another easy and delicious way to add some flavour to your meals. It is mostly added to pani puri, bhel puri, and chaats to add flavour. Re:fresh chutneys are a great way to impart flavour and exciting touch to your meals. You'll love the different flavours available on Re:fresh portal, so they are worth giving a try!


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