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Rice powder can add whole new exciting flavours to normal plain rice. It is used to make curry leaves rice powder, dal rice powder, tamarind rice powder, and lemon rice powder. Each of these powders has its own unique flavour that can add a new dimension to your cooking. Re:fresh offers a delicious variety of rice powders to add flavour and variety to South Indian food delicacies. Re:fresh Curry Leaves Rice Powder lets you prepare one of the most loved South Indian Dish, Curry Rice. It can also be savoured as a condiment with Idli, Dosa or Chapati. It is made by grinding curry leaves, dried chilli peppers, cumin seeds, asafoetida, moong dal, chana dal, horse gram and other spices together. Re:fresh Paruppu Podi (Dal Rice Powder) is another popular Indian dish that is made using different types of dals and spices. This powder can be used to make different dishes, such as curries, rice dishes, chapati and other dishes.Re:fresh Puliyodharai Powder (Tamarind Rice Powder) is a popular Southeast Asian dish that is made by using Tamarind Powder, Pepper, Coriander Seeds, Sesame Oil, Red Chilli, Fenugreek, Chana Dal, Black Gram Dal, Cumin, Mustard, Groundnuts, Sugar, Asafoetida, Sesame, Curry Leaves. It lets you make a tangy, spicy and delicious rice dish which is super popular in South Indian festivals and celebrations. Lemon Rice Powder is a lip-smacking South Indian dish that is made using lemon juice. Re:fresh Lemon Rice powder adds a citrusy flavour to normal rice which is often loved by people of South India. The powder can be sprinkled on top of cooked lemon Rice for extra flavour, or mixed into the uncooked lemon Rice prior to cooking. Each of these powders has its own unique flavour and can be used in different dishes.




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