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Refresh Gunda Pickle aka lasode ka achar is made with Gunda or Gumberry mixed with spices and oil. The sticky chewy fruit has a distinct and tangy taste which most people love.
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Refresh Gunda Pickle is a delicious sour and spicy Gumberry pickle that’s prevalent in India since ages. The spices go well with gumberry and offer an additional flavour and taste to regular meals. It goes well with theplas, rotis, parathas, spicy puris, etc. It is majorly popular in Gujarat and Rajasthan due to the availability of Gumberry and also because the pickle complements western-India cuisine.

Ingredients used:-

  • Refresh Gunda pickle has Gunda or Gumberry as its main ingredient. Other ingredients include cottonseed oil, mustard, fenugreek, and turmeric.

Perfect Condiment:-

  • Refresh Gunda Pickle has its own niche among demands for a variety of pickles. It is a traditional pickle that goes well with several types of sub-cuisines prevalent in India. For example, it goes well with Gujarati and Rajasthani Cuisines.

Benefits of Refresh Gunda Pickle:-

  • Refresh Gunda pickle has a distinct taste that makes it delicious.

  • It is a sour and spicy pickle that complements several Indian meals.

  • It contains zero cholesterol that makes it heart-healthy.
  • Contains nutrients like calcium, Vitamin C, iron, and protein.
  • Free from artificial flavours, chemicals, and additives.


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