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Refresh Organic Spaghetti is a very popular type of pasta. It is commonly used in India to give authentic character to Italian dishes. It is made solely of whole wheat and it is also nutritions.

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Refresh Organic Spaghetti pairs well with any kind of sauces. Spaghetti can be combined with simple tomato sauce, or vegetables (medium-size chunks work well) or with oil-based sauces to have an awesome dining experience. Refresh Organic Spaghetti Pasta, is made with just the best durum wheat semolina and unadulterated water. The bronze cut giving it a harsh finished surface makes it easy for the sauces to stick for a genuinely credible flavour. Natural olive oil brings out the authentic taste of this pasta. A simple recipe of spaghetti with olive oil, sliced veggies, mushrooms and spices can make your day.

Ways to use Refresh Organic Spaghetti Pasta:-

Refresh Organic Spaghetti pasta is one of the most popular forms of pasta. It is used to make delicious pasta recipes like aglio olio pasta, creamy tomato spaghetti etc.

Benefits of Refresh Organic Spaghetti Pasta:-

  • Refresh Spaghetti has low proportion of calories and carbs.
  • Organic Spaghetti Pasta is high in protein and other nutrients.
  • It is made of 100% wheat suji. No maida included.
  • Helps to make delicious and healthy pasta recipes.
  • 100% organic and certified product. No additives and non-GMO.

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