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A custard powder is a mix of cornstarch, sugar, and milk that can be used to make homemade custards or puddings. It is also commonly used in mixed drinks as a sweetener. Custard is typically baked in a pie dish or served in a bowl with a dollop of whipped cream on top. It is a versatile dessert that can be enjoyed plain or flavoured with fruit, chocolate etc. Custard makes a great dessert on its own and can even be used as a filling for pies or pastries. Re:fresh custard powders are perfect for adding a bit of flavour to your favourite desserts or drinks. Re:fresh Vanilla custard powder is available in two variants, plain vanilla and white vanilla custard powder. The major difference between these two is the colour. Plain vanilla is of light cream colour whereas later is pure white. Pista Flavoured Custard Powder of Re:fresh helps you to make nutty pista custard at home. The powder offers a distinct yet popular taste of pistachios. Mango Flavoured Custard Powder is used to make a mouth-watering fruity custard. The sweet and rich taste of this custard is to die for. Finally, you can add some fresh fruits or nuts to have a delightful experience. Strawberry Flavoured Custard Powder adds an exciting fruity flavour of fresh strawberries to the custard. Custard powders are a delicious way to add some sweetness and flavour to your dishes. If you're looking for a custard powder that specializes in one specific flavour, you should definitely check out Re:fresh Custard Powders.


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