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A drink mix is usually mixed with milk to produce a beverage resembling a creamy dessert. Instant drink mix is a boon for people who are always on the go and have little time to make something from scratch. Drink mix is simply a combination of different flavours and ingredients that are used to make milk-based drinks. There are many different types of drink mixes, and they can be used in a variety of ways. Re:fresh drink mixes are made from powders that get easily dissolved in milk. These drinks can be served cold or hot and can include flavours like milk masala, drinking chocolate, cold coco, and hot chocolate. Each mix has a unique flavour that will add excitement to your favourite beverage. Hot Chocolate Drink mix helps you to make a mouthwatering hot chocolate that’s simply irresistible. Milk Masala Drink mix when added to the milk gives rich sweetness of saffron and nutritious benefits of several nuts. You can enjoy your favourite delicious cold coco at home without any hassle by using Re:fresh Cold Coco Drink Mix. Those who don’t like to have plain milk can try using the Drinking Chocolate Drink Mix of Re:fresh. Just add two spoons of drinking chocolate to your plain milk and enjoy very tasty chocolate-flavoured milk at home. Re:fresh drink mixes are a must-buy. Each premix when added to milk, gives a rich creamy texture and has great taste. They also have very comfortable and easy packaging so it becomes very quick to make your own drinks at home instantly. 


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