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Indian Spices & Masala

Indian Spices & Masala

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Indian cuisine is incomplete without the herbs and spices used in them. They play an important part as the main ingredient for most dishes and add flavour, taste and colour to your food.For bringing the lip-smacking flavour to homemade dishes, Re:fresh presents you with a wide range of flavourful masalas, herbs and spices that can uplift the taste of your meals. Made with ingredients of the best quality, they impart an authentic taste to the dish. From your daily meals to special recipes, Re:fresh masala and spices go perfectly with all of them.There are numerous masalas and spices used in Indian cuisines. Some of the most popular masalas are garam masala, sambhar masala, Indian kitchen king masala, pav bhaji masala and shahi paneer masala, tea masala, chhole masala. All such masalas are available readymade under the Masala section of Re:fresh. Similarly,  spices also play an important role to add taste and aroma to food. You may buy masala just to add a bit of flavour to your food but it also has several health benefits that are great for you. Re:fresh also has essential herbs to add a tempting aroma to your recipe. Re:fresh Indian Kitchen King Masala and Garam masala are a fine blend of various spices and can perfectly enhance the taste of your dish.They can be sprinkled or used directly while cooking the delicacies. Food seasoning is also an essential part of many recipes. It helps to bring out the flavours in your food and add a bit of personality. Re:fresh has many different types of food seasoning like chaat masala, peri peri masala, pizza spice mix, sandwich masala and more.Make your homemade dish super delicious with Re:fresh masala, herbs and spices.


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