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Floor Cleaner Liquid With Fragrance

Floor Cleaning is very much necessary for keeping the home, office, or any other space clean and hygienic. Home is a place to relax and spend quality time and in office premises also when you have huge staff, visitors, and other personnel; it is required to maintain high hygiene standards and make people feel secure and safe. Floor cleaner keeps your family and loved ones safe and secure from fatal infections. Floor Cleaners come in a wide range of fragrances. A good floor cleaner cleanses all stains from the floor, leaves a brilliant shine and imparts a long-lasting fragrance. Re:fresh has put in efforts to bring in the best options for good quality floor cleaners like Citronella, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon Fresh, Lemongrass, Rose and Sandal. Each of these cleaners is designed to work specifically with different types of flooring and has a unique fragrance of their own. Citronella Floor Cleaner is perfect for hardwood floors, while Jasmine Floor Cleaner is perfect for tiles and imparts a calm and soothing fragrance. Lavender Floor Cleaner has a mesmerising fragrance of lavender that spreads throughout the space after cleaning and revives the atmosphere. Lemon Fresh Floor Cleaner is perfect for removing tough stains and adds a refreshing citrus fragrance that helps to revive the atmosphere. Lemongrass cleaners are perfect for areas with a lot of grease or oil and remove dirt and impart an exciting fragrance of lemongrass. Rose floor cleaner as the name suggests has an enchanting fragrance of rose which elevates your mood and is great for areas that are prone to bad smells. Sandal floor cleaners are perfect for both, hardwood and tile floors. Re:fresh Floor Cleaners help in easy cleaning if floors and keeps it safe from germs and bacteria. From lemon fresh to jasmine floor cleaner, we have the perfect choice for everyone. They're sure to leave your floors looking and smelling amazing!



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