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Fruit-based bathing bars are made with nourishing ingredients like aloe vera extract, fruity perfume, vegetable oil, castor oil, and glycerin that provide complete nourishment to the skin. These bars have distinctive and enchanting fruity fragrances that are hard to miss. Re:fresh has a collection of varied fruit-based Bathing Bars with extravagant fragrances. The stimulating fragrance of the Black Grapes bathing bar of Re:fresh makes you feel lively and recharged for any dull day. The Coconut bathing bars have a tropical fragrance and add nourishment to the skin. The Green Apple bathing bars have a mild scent of green apples. The Lime bathing bars help you to feel fresh and energised with their refreshing fragrance. The orange bathing bars have a citrus fragrance of oranges. It lathers well and cleanses the body effectively. Papaya bathing bars of Re:fresh smells sweet and exotic. They can smoothen and soften the skin with the goodness of papayas. The Pineapple bathing bars give you a splendid bathing experience along with a soothing aroma of pineapple. And the Strawberry bathing bars smell amazing with their fruity fragrance of freshly picked strawberries. Strawberry bathing bars are loved by all and are very refreshing and juicy. Re:fresh Bathing Bars are also gentle exfoliators, so they can help to remove dead skin cells and reveal softer, smoother skin underneath. If you're looking for a bar that is packed with fruity fragrances and also soothes your skin then you must try from the eight options available on the Re:fresh website and choose the best suited for you. They undoubtedly smell amazing and leave your skin feeling soft and silky smooth.



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