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Liquid detergent can be used before washing clothes, to make sure that all stains are removed from clothes effectively. A liquid detergent easily dissolves in water much better than detergent powders at lower temperatures. It delivers its best when used to clean oily stains. Liquid detergent is used in both front & top loader washing machines. It reaches stains effortlessly & leaves no residue on clothes or in the washer. Liquid detergents are more convenient because you don't need to use as much of them, and they're also cheaper than traditional detergents. Re:fresh liquid detergent perfectly dissolves in water and washes away dirt, spots, and other debris. It is not at all harsh on the texture of your clothes but all kinds of stubborn stains. It is effective on all kinds of fabrics. A small amount is all that is needed for eliminating stains. It is also safe & gentle on the hand. Its unique formula makes sure there is no damage to the clothes. It is a great way to get rid of sweat, and odours from clothes. It's also gentle on your clothes, so you can machine wash them without worrying about damage. It is a colour-safe and stain removal product that is used for cleaning clothes and gives long-lasting fragrance. It comes in two types of packaging- 1ltr and 5 ltr containers.Thus, Re:fresh liquid detergent is a great way to keep your clothes clean without using harsh chemicals. It also smells great! So if you're looking for a gentle, effective alternative to traditional detergents, Re:fresh liquid detergent should be at the top of your list.



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