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For healthy living, it's very crucial to keep your hands and surrounding surfaces clean, disinfected and hygienic. Sanitizers and Surface disinfectant help in lowering the number and keeps you and your loved ones protected from infections. Disinfectants are used to clean surfaces as they might be infected with dust, dirt, bacteria, fungi and kill germs present on the surfaces while Sanitizers are used to clean and add hygiene to your hands. There are a variety of disinfectants and sanitizers in the market today.  Re:fresh hand sanitizers and surface disinfectants are a great way to keep your hands and surroundings tidy and healthy. Alcohol-based Re:fresh sanitizer effectively kills all the germs and keeps your hands hygienic. The sanitizer also contains glycerine which helps to moisturize the hands and doesn’t let the skin go dry and rough. These sanitizers are easy to use and are available in travel-friendly packaging. Re:fresh Surface Disinfectant spray effectively kills all the microorganisms that lay on the surfaces of your home, office premises or any other space. They protect overall hygiene and avoid getting sick or affected by any viruses. It's important to keep your hands and surfaces clean. So, always use hand sanitizer before and after handling any food or bacteria, and make sure to disinfect surfaces like tables, counters, and door handles. Re:fresh has standard products to have a healthy life and to stay protected from any kind of infections and viruses.



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