Dish cleaning gel is an effective dish washing formulation that cleanses tough grease from dirty utensils. It is a thick, viscous liquid that can be used to clean dishes by hand. Dish washing gel is more effective than dish soap at removing grease and food residue from dishes. It is also less likely to leave behind streaks or water spots. Cleaning gel provides effective cleaning of dishes, crockery, cutlery, and cooking utensils. You just have to mix the gel with water and apply it to the dish full of food mess and residue. Re:fresh Dish Wash Gels help in effective cleaning of utensils with ease.   Re:fresh Green Apple Dish Wash Gel helps to remove grease and food stains from the utensils. This product is designed to dissolve tougher food stains and adds an exciting fragrance. Re:fresh Lemon Power Dish Wash Gel is infused with powerful lemon properties that effectively clean all the utensils. It provides a pleasant cleaning experience and gives a Re:freshing lemon fragrance during dish wash. Both Dish wash gels help to break down dirt and residue on dishes, making them easier to clean. Re:fresh Dish washing Gel is not only gentle on your dishes, but it also doesn’t leave much residue and helps to keep your kitchenware clean and hygienic. Plus, with so many options available these days in the market, finding a good quality dish washing gel that fits your needs shouldn't be too hard, all thanks to Re:fresh products!


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