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Agarbatti is one of the most popular incense sticks used in India and across the world. It is largely used during religious or spiritual ceremonies and rituals, but its use as a home fragrance is on the rise. Burning agarbatti incense sticks is also a symbol of worshipping God and a symbol of peace and prosperity. The smoke from agarbatti is believed to have healing properties. Agarbatti can also be soaked in water and used as a mosquito repellent or you can simply just enjoy the pleasant fragrance of agarbatti. Re:fresh Agarbattis are perfect for worshipping, religious or spiritual ceremonies, and for making the atmosphere fragrant. Re:fresh Anti-Mosquito Agarbatti Repellent Sticks are the perfect solution for keeping the ambience free of mosquitoes. Re:fresh Agarbattis are available in different fragrances. Re:fresh Glory Agarbatti helps to create an inviting atmosphere whether it is your home or office. They uplift your mood and spread positivity in the ambience. Re:fresh Loban Agarbatttis are perfect for any occasion. They have a classic woody fragrance that is subtle yet calming. Guggul Agarbattis neutralise bad odour and impart a soothing fragrance. Mogra Agarbattis are made from herbal ingredients, cleanses the environment and brings positivity. Ponds Agarbattis are perfect for any religious duties or ceremonies. Rose Agarbatti has a sweet fragrance of roses while Sandal Agarbatti has an earthy aroma that can relax your mood and calm anxiety. Re:fresh also has some other options of Agarbatti sticks like White Air, White Earth, White Forest, White Garden, White Ocean and White Sky which help to boost mood, enhance positivity in the environment and spread long-lasting fragrances in space. Agarbatti, also known as incense sticks, are extremely popular in India. There are many reasons for this, but the most common one is that they are used in religious ceremonies. Whether you're looking for it for a religious purpose or to keep your home mosquito-free, Re:fresh has various options of agarbatti which are worth considering.



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