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Using a dhoop stick is an ancient practice that is quite common in India. It is a very simple yet effective way of cleansing the body and mind. Burning dhoop sticks has been an important part of Hindu rituals. Dhoop sticks help to elevate the mood and keep the ambience fresh and purify the environment. Its fragrance calms the mind and promotes peace in your surroundings. Dhoop stick is known to improve concentration which can help in concentration, meditation and relieves headaches, and depression. Re:fresh has a rich collection of dhoop sticks made with soothing fragrances. These sticks are available in nice and compact packaging. They have a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance. They come in a variety of fragrances, so you can find one that suits your specific needs. Re:fresh Glory dhoop sticks provide divine and soothing energy. They help to spread positivity in the environment. Mogra dhoop sticks are mostly used in religious ceremonies and they have a distinct floral scent of mogra. Ponds dhoop sticks impart pure and invigorating fragrance while Rose dhoop sticks have the fragrance of fresh roses which help to uplift the energy and mood. Re:fresh Sandal dhoop sticks have an earthy and soothing scent. Other varieties of Re:fresh premium dhoop sticks are crafted to spread mesmerising fragrance which helps to soothe your senses. Their fragrance can calm the mind and promote peace in your surroundings. Re:fresh dhoop sticks are a great way to add an extra layer of fragrance to any room. They are versatile for both small and large spaces. Re:fresh dhoop sticks can not only be used in the home, but you can also use them outdoors to create a natural aroma that will relax and inspire your senses.


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