Liquid hand wash for effective hygiene

Liquid hand wash for effective hygiene


A liquid hand wash helps to clean and disinfect your hands so that you remain germ-free all day long. It's important to keep your hands clean especially during monsoon season since you come in contact with a lot of mud and water. You should wash your hands before eating, after you using the restroom, and after you come in contact with any dirty surfaces. Re:fresh Hand Washes are packed with the goodness of potent ingredients that help to give a tough defeat to the germs and wipe off all the impurities. They are available in different variants and fragrances so that you can shop according to your preference. Also, they are safe for frequent use. Re:fresh Hand Washes can keep your hands clean, soft and fragrant. Different hand washes available with Re:fresh are Lemon Hand Wash, Lemon Grass & Aloe vera Hand Wash, Rose Hand Wash and Sandalwood & Tulsi Hand Wash. These liquid hand washes are available in a number of sizes. Lemons and lemongrass have been used for centuries to cleanse and revitalize the skin. Lemons are acidic and help break down the dirt, while lemongrass adds a refreshing scent that leaves your hands feeling soft. Re:fresh Lemon and Lemongrass hand washes keep the hands clean and away from drying. While Re:fresh Rose Hand Wash not just kills bacteria but also is very soft on hands and has a pleasant smell. The tulsi extract in Re:fresh Sandalwood & Tulsi Hand Wash helps to keep hands hygienic and imparts the comforting fragrance of sandalwood. So overall, it's important to try out different hand washes and see which hand wash suits you best for your individual skin type and washing habits. You can check out the collection of liquid hand washes on Re:fresh online portal and shop for the ones best suited to your daily hygiene requirements.


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