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Flower Base Bathing Bars include amazing floral fragrances that will uplift your senses after every bath. It contains ingredients that help to beautify your skin and also make it healthy, smooth and glowing. These bars are perfect for anyone who loves flowers. Re:fresh Flower Base Bathing Bars consist of fragrances like Jasmine, lavender, and Rose. All these bars are made with essential oils like flower extract oils, vegetable oils and castor oil. These oils are also known for their deep nourishing properties, making the bathing bars perfect for use. The Jasmine Bathing Bar of Re:fresh is made with only jasmine essential oil for a more intense floral experience. While the Lavender Bathing Bar is perfect for relaxation, made with lavender oil, glycerin and aloe vera extract. Lastly, the Rose Bathing Bar contains rose perfume oil and aloe vera extract to give you a luxurious bathing experience. Rose bathing bars offer a soothing and aromatic bathing experience. Its cooling and refreshing properties cleanse the skin naturally and leave your skin soft and supple. Jasmine bathing bars give calmness to the body and impart a sweet fragrance. Lavender Bathing Bar has a rich fragrance of fresh flowers. Its nice scent rejuvenates your senses. Depending on your moods and preferences, Re:fresh has different flower based bathing bars for you. 



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