Refresh Smart Retailer Terms & Condition

  1. Refresh Smart Retailer Registration with Refresh Wellness Private Limited (“Refresh Wellness”) is for Resellers. Any Reseller dealing in food products have to comply with FSSAI guidelines. Refresh Wellness would not be responsible for any non compliance, if Reseller is found selling Re:fresh Wellness food products without FSSAI registration/license. Also RSR has to upload the active FSSAI license in RSR login or can email the same on If you are not registered in FSSAI than you will receive access of ordering the goods only for Non-Food products. Access to Re:fresh Food products shall only be available subject to the submission of the valid certificate of FSSAI Registration/License.

  2. Any Indian citizen staying in India, willing to resale the products of Refresh Wellness can register as RSR with Refresh Wellness.

  3. Maximum Retail Price (MRP) and RSR (Special Rate for Refresh Smart Retailer) are fixed and Refresh Wellness reserves full right to change or revise MRP and RSR rate at any moment of time without informing. A 20% discount applies to RSR (Single Point delivery orders) while 10% discount is applicable to delivery orders for individual or multiple clients.

  4. Refresh Wellness do not provide any credit facility. Goods will only be dispatched post receipt of full payment from RSR.

  5. RSR cannot sell Refresh Wellness products at price higher than MRP. Refresh Wellness shall not be liable or responsible in case RSR involves in any practices that is in non compliance with any applicable laws in India including selling goods at price higher than MRP.

  6. Product delivered to RSR would be having remaining balance Shelf as mentioned below from the date of dispatch.

Sr. No.

Product Shelf Life

Remaining Shelf Life for Sell Purpose


6 Months

Minimum 3 Months


9 Months

Minimum 4 Months


12 Months

Minimum 5 Months


>=24 Months

Minimum 9 Months

Note - Please note that point 7 relating to "Shelf Life" will not be applicable to any orders received from Festive Sale & 1 RS STORE

  1. Refresh Wellness shall not be held responsible/liable for any damage or loss caused to RSR due to the expiry of goods. Refresh Wellness under no circumstances would be held liable for any sort of the business loss which a RSR may incur due to the non delivery of goods or due to the non delivery of goods or receipt of damaged goods.

  2. RSR has to make a purchase of minimum quantity as reflects on product page under RSR login.

  3. Refresh Wellness shall only deliver the goods on the address given by the buyer at the time of placing the order and in case of RSR, at the registered address provided to us at the time of enrolment.

  4. If RSR is GST registered, RSR needs to provide to Refresh Wellness valid GST number and also have to upload GST registration certificate. Whenever RSR make a purchase of refresh products, GST no. would be mentioned in the invoice unless at time of ordering RSR has not removed GST details.

  5. Refresh Wellness reserves the right to de-register RSR at any point of time without assigning any reason upon intimation to RSR through registered email id. The RSR shall not be eligible to enjoy the privileges available to RSR from the date of such de-registration and such login shall become inoperative

  6. This RSR terms and conditions are in addition to the terms and conditions applicable for purchases of any Refresh products and services which are sold through REFRESHYOURLIFE.IN (“Website”) and shall be read together at every point of time.

  7. RSR acknowledges and agrees to abide by all the terms and conditions, policies and instructions as given by Refresh Wellness from time to time.


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