• Two Brothers Liquid Sugarcane Jaggery ( Kaakvi)
  • Two Brothers Liquid Sugarcane Jaggery ( Kaakvi)

Two Brothers Liquid Sugarcane Jaggery ( Kaakvi)

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  • 100% natural, farm made.
  • contains no additives
  • free from artificial preservatives, synthetic fillers or binders
  • Table with Curved Corners and Border
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    Prepared in an iron kadai (wok) on firewood. Plant based coagulant is used to treat the sugarcane juice. Syrup made from natural cane sugar.

    • Jaggery is full of minerals and antioxidants.
    • Natural jaggery is effective in purifying the blood and lungs of impurities.
    • The potassium content in jaggery helps maintain a balance of electrolytes. This is particularly essential for leading an active lifestyle.
    • Jaggery is good for digestion and gut health,assists in right secretion of gastric juices.
    • Jaggery acts as a fuel and allows for an even release of energy.
    • Farm Fresh
    • Unrefined Sweetener
    • Native Sugarcane
    • Jaggery syrup is a delicious condiment to have at home. It’s a natural sweetener.
    • It tastes great when poured over pancakes, french toast or even with idli and dosa.
    • Seasonal fruit can be cooked along with jaggery syrup to make a sticky fruit compote.
    • Jaggery syrup is perfect for mixing into that hot cup of tea, it lends such a depth of flavour to your favourite beverage.
    • A warm jaggery syrup is so comforting to drizzle over a bowl of homemade ice cream. Nuts and jaggery are a finger licking combo too.

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