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Refresh floor cleaner kills all the germs and bacteria that cannot be seen. It is a highly effective cleaner that makes your cleaning job much easier. It has a pleasant and soothing fragrance of jasmine which helps to maintain calm nature in our surroundings.

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It is a fact that you can think and work better in a clean environment. That’s why cleaning your space regularly is very important. Refresh floor cleaner is a disinfectant gel that helps you to clean your floors and make them spot free. You just need to take a little amount every time you want to use it and it will clean the majority of your space. It is also important to clean your space because bacteria and viruses grow in an unclean environment that can further lead to diseases.

Benefits of Refresh Floor Cleaner:-

  • Removes all kinds of grime and stains.
  • Keeps cockroaches and pests away.
  • Fights with unseen bacteria and viruses.
  • Provides a pleasant fragrance inspired by jasmine.
  • Gives a sparkling shine after cleaning.

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