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Honey is loved for its rich sweet flavour. It is an insect-derived natural product and has several medicinal, cosmetic, therapeutic, and industrial uses. The goodness of honey is extensively used as a natural sweetener for food and other purposes. It contains nutrients that possess antibacterial and antioxidant properties which are very beneficial for health and well-being. Honey is mostly used to treat cough, cold, low immunity, indigestion and to treat burns and promote wound healing. Having honey and lemon with lukewarm water every morning is good for removing toxins from the body and shedding some kilos. It can help to improve digestion and also can help to improve metabolism. Similarly, warm milk with honey is a good way to end your day. You can even add some spices like turmeric, cinnamon, fruits, dry fruit, and cloves to add some more flavour to the warm milk. Honey is considered a healthier substitute for sugar because it has natural unrefined sweetness. Honey is sweeter than sugar, so you need to use it in less proportion to prepare baked products or desserts and it doesn't raise blood sugar levels as quickly as sugar. It is extensively used today, to add a sweet flavour to desserts, pancakes, and cookies, as a spread on toast, and as a seasoning for breakfast. Honey can add extra moisture to baked products like bread, cakes, muffins and pies. Nowadays, honey is also used to prepare refreshing, healthy drinks and beverages. The use of honey in homemade beverages allows you to satisfy your thirst for sweeter drinks replacing sugar as an ingredient. Tea drinkers are very well aware of the fact that using honey as a tea sweetener instead of sugar is a more healthy choice to make. You can also try drinking your coffee with honey. All types of coffee can easily blend with honey. Re:fresh has a delicious range of Honey flavours that you should try. Re:fresh Honey has an exquisite flavour, thick consistency, a mild sweet taste and is free from any adulteration. Re:fresh has a variety of honey flavours like Ajwain Honey, Lychee Honey, Dark Forest Honey, Coffee Honey, and Berry Honey. To get the overall benefit of the natural sweetness and antioxidant properties of honey, you must try Re:fresh Honey products.


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