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A milkshake is a sweet, cold drink made by blending milk with creams, ice creams, and syrups. Different flavours of milkshakes are popular amongst kids and even adults. Milkshakes are very easy to prepare. You can have them as a healthy drink for breakfast or brunch or as an evening or after-school snack. Re:fresh Milkshakes are truly the perfect place for exploring a variety of fun and delicious flavour combinations. From classics like chocolate, mango, rose and strawberry to newer twists like Cookies and Cream, Cold Coffee, Kaju Gulkand, Butterscotch there are flavours for every age group. Re:fresh has the best quality ready milkshake premix available in different flavours. Re:fresh Chocolate milkshake premix helps to make a tasty and chocolatey milkshake. You can even add chocolate chips or whipped cream as a topping. We also have Rose flavoured milkshake premix. With its use, you can make delicious and creamy rose-flavoured milkshakes. Strawberry Flavoured Milkshake premix adds an exquisite flavour of fresh strawberries to the homemade milkshakes. Butterscotch Flavoured Milkshake premix has an exceptional taste, Cold Coffee Milkshake premix allows us to relish milkshake with a coffee flavour. Re:fresh Cookies and cream Milkshake premix is added to the milk to make a thick, creamy and delicious milkshake. Kaju Gulkand Milkshake Premix of Re:fresh is used to make nutty and sweet flavoured thick shake. The Mango flavoured milkshake premix of Re:fresh is added to the milk to make everyone’s favourite fruity milkshake. These milkshakes are thick, creamy, and so addictive that you’ll be savouring them till the very last drop. They're the perfect treat for all sweet lovers and for those who crave satisfying drinks. You only need Re:fresh premix, milk and ice to blend and enjoy your favourite flavour. You can customise it also by adding toppings as you’d like! 


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