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5 Indian Chutneys That Rule In The Winter Season

Posted on: December 10th, 2020 12:43 PM

In the winter season as the temperature goes down, the cravings to eat tasty food go up. Yes, it's everyone's problem and not just yours. Confused why this happens?

As our body slows down in a colder environment, it demands more food. Hence, we want to keep eating our favorite food again and again. Something that is most enjoyable in the winter season is a hot and spicy food that satisfies your taste buds and also keeps your body warm. One minute thing that makes these hot and fried foods more enjoyable in the winter season is chutney.

Indians love chutneys. These dips are a burst of flavour because they are a blend of many exotic and fresh ingredients. Chutneys make snack time more enjoyable as they make the snacks tastier. Along with taste, Indian chutneys are also very nutritious with several spices, oils and ingredients involved.

Here is a list of 5 chutneys that undoubtedly rule the hearts of Indians in the winter season.

Tamarind Date Chutney 

This is an all-time favourite recipe. The sweet and sour taste of this chutney is so delicious that it leaves you wanting for more. It complements Indian dishes perfectly, especially chaats and snacks. The three main ingredients namely tamarind, date, and jaggery have varied tastes and origins which gives Tamarind date chutney a rich and complex flavour. As these ingredients are readily available, it is very easy to make this at home. Popular Indian foods like Bhel Puri, Pani Puri, Aloo Chaat, Samosas, etc are incomplete without this delicacy. It is an evergreen accompaniment but is especially enjoyable in winter due to its tangy taste and warm ingredients.

Dry Fruit Mango Chutney

A chutney that is sweet and tangy in taste is loved by everyone. What better ingredient to bring to the table other than mango? Dry mangoes are used to make delicious chutney that you won't be able to stop licking. Along with that, dry fruits are also used to make the blend richer in nutrition, texture, and taste. This chutney is mild and can be eaten by every age group in the house. It is a perfect accompaniment for regular Indian meals and complements snacks like paratha, thepla, and samosas excellently. Dry fruit mango chutney is a delicacy that elevates your meals and helps you complete the entire meal easily.

Garlic Chutney

One ingredient that tends to be too strong to handle has to be garlic. However, Indians love garlic in their dishes. It adds a spicy edge and brings out the flavour of the meals. It is a known fact that it has a very strong aroma and alarming taste. Just like that, the garlic chutney is also fiery and red hot in colour. No matter how bland your meal is, with a spoonful of garlic chutney by its side, you can enjoy it till it's complete. Its hot flavour attracts those who love spicy food and can tolerate a mixture of spices throughout the day. Asians love garlic chutney and use it in making curry or as a dip for snacks.

Farsan Chutney

Someone rightly said, “You can't take away Gujarat out of Gujaratis.” Farsan is a word famously used to describe Gujarati snacks that are popular all over the world. Just like Gujaratis, you can find these snacks in any part of the world. What rightfully complements them is the farsan chutney that comes along. This chutney is incomparable and irreplaceable when it comes to eating Gujarati snacks. You cannot enjoy them with any other chutney. A blend of ingredients like coriander, spinach, sugar, green chillies, salt etc., it enhances the taste of dishes like fafda, khaman, locha, etc. These snacks have developed cultural importance which is why this chutney has become a necessity.

Schezwan Chutney

As the street food culture continues to expand in India, the use of schezwan chutney keeps on increasing. Indian Chinese is a special category that has become a very popular street food in these past years. Schezwan chutney is mostly used to make fried rice, noodles, soup, or any other food item from that category. It is hot and spicy in flavour and is also used as a dip for snacks like pakoras, cutlets, and other fried items. It is very popular among kids and young people as they like and tend to eat fast food more. During winters, one especially likes to eat food that makes your body hot and this seems to be a perfect choice.

Summing it up:
If you are too caught up to make chutneys at home then you can even buy classic chutneys online. They come in glass bottles or tetra packs and can be delivered to your doorstep. However, make sure to read the description and buy authentic chutneys that use 100 percent natural ingredients and have no artificial flavours or additives involved. These things can damage your health and may have severe consequences. Chutneys can be a great addition to your daily meals as they can make your food more interesting because of their flavour. If you are buying them online then make sure to buy from authentic and genuine retailers who have their products tested and labeled by the right organizations.


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