Health Benefits of Organic Honey

6 Easy Ways You Can Include Honey In Your Diet

Posted on: December 21st, 2020 01:24 PM

Honey is a natural sweetener that is extracted from beehives. It is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants which makes it one of the healthiest foods in the world. Its rich texture and sweet flavor are used in many cuisines to enhance the taste of the dish. It is a delicacy found in most Indian homes for the main purpose of attaining nutrition and dealing with common woes.

Honey is very versatile and is used in India for many different reasons. From curing cough to moisturizing your skin, honey has various uses. However, it is better to use unprocessed, raw, and organic honey since it doesn't contain any chemicals, additives, or artificial flavour.

Some of the most beneficial ways that you can use honey are mentioned below.

  • Take honey daily with hot water: The first thing that you consume in the morning should be extremely nutritious and light so that it gives you a headstart for your day. Taking honey with warm water every morning helps you detoxify. It flushes out toxins from your body and provides you with nutrients and antioxidants. This is a power-packed drink that boosts digestive functions and improves metabolism. This helps to process the food efficiently and helps in weight loss. The anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties of honey keep the bacteria away and help the body to heal faster from infections/wounds.

  • Mix honey in your cereal: Add honey to your bland cereal and milk to sweeten it and make it delicious. Usually, we add sugar to our cereal in the morning. It does sweeten our meal but does not provide us enough nutrition. Substituting sugar with honey elevates the nutritional profile of our meal. It has minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium which are very essential for the normal functioning of your body. Your breakfast gets moderately heavier which helps you feel fuller for a long time. Honey lowers your calorie intake which helps you to manage weight. Also, organic honey is fat-free, unprocessed, and more nutritious, so it is a healthier option.

  • Add honey to your green tea: Green tea is the healthiest drink in the world. It is known for its antioxidant properties. But what if you could make this drink even better? Adding honey to green tea intensifies many of the medical properties of green tea. It gives the tea a pleasant sweet taste as well as cures many of your throat related problems. If you have a sore throat or are suffering from a cough or cold, then this is a perfect solution for you. It warms up your body and is an instant energy booster. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of this drink boost the immune system and fight against infections caused by bacteria and viruses.

  • Stir honey in Warm milk: Many people have encountered sleeping problems in recent times. This is due to added stress, anxiety, and the hectic schedule that comes with the fast life. Honey is the best home cure for disorders like these. Mix honey and warm milk and consume it regularly at night to see a significant difference in your sleeping cycle. Honey can increase the release of serotonin which improves your mood and relaxes your mind. The milk helps to make the body temperature warm which helps you to fall asleep quickly. This little trick can add a few more hours to your quality sleep.
  • Honey for your skincare DIYs: Honey is the most popular and favourite ingredient when it comes to skincare DIYs. It is so versatile and nutritious that it proves beneficial to cure almost any skin problems. Whether it's dry skin, dull face, acne breakouts, blemishes, or inflammation, it is helpful in every case. Home DIYs are a great and affordable way to take care of your skin. The trick is to use natural products, so don't forget to use raw and organic honey along with other ingredients for the best results. It is generally used with Ayurvedic powders, milk, essential oils, etc to moisturize the skin and increase glow on the face.
  • Cure Hair problems with Honey: Taking care of hair is a tough task. Along with regular cleaning, you also need hair packs that can provide nutrition to your hair. Honey can be even used to cure your hair woes and make them smooth and luscious. It can be used along with hair oils, essential oils, or natural juices to treat dandruff, dry scalp, inflammation, itchy scalp, hair fall, etc. The benefits of organic honey in these DIYs is that unprocessed honey will not have any bad reaction when mixed with other ingredients. Raw honey will give you better and faster results. You can lather the mask for 15 minutes-1 an hour and then clean your scalp with a mild shampoo.

Summing it up.
Honey is extremely loved all across the world because of its magnificently rich flavour and its health benefits. It enhances the taste of any dish it is included in and increases its nutritional value. Honey can be a great help to maintain your overall health which is why it should be included in your everyday diet.


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