Healthy Grains

Healthy Grains for A Wholesome Diet

Posted on: July 1st, 2020 05:51 PM

It is magical how all varieties of grains are potent sources of essential carbs along with key vitamins and minerals, however, whole grains, in particular, are the healthiest grains of all and should be central to any diet. Grains are blessed with high fiber content which makes you feel full when consumed. This will help you maintain a healthy body weight because you will never end up overeating. Whole grains are also famous for their ability to reduce the risk of certain cancers, heart diseases, diabetes, and many other health issues.

Whole grains are always a better choice over other types like refined or enriched ones because they are essentially high in protein and fiber content. Owing to these reasons, one should try and make at least 50% of their diet full of whole grains.

Types of whole grains that one should consume:

  • Amaranth: This crop was vital for the Aztecs and is very popularly used now for gluten-free baking. This is not an actual grain, however, it contains complete protein, meaning that it has all the essential amino acids. It contains lysine, which all the other grains do not have. Tiny kernels of this grain have a peppery flavor. This is an essential element for making gluten-free muffins and granola bars.
  • Pearl barley: This wholegrain is processed to remove its outer hull as well as the bran layer. It has a high content of carbohydrates but is low on gluten, making it suitable for cooking flatbreads and porridge. One should note that this is not technically a whole grain but has a great deal of protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • Ragi: It is a highly nutritious millet that looks just like mustard seeds. These grains have an abundance of protein, fiber, calcium, and iron. These millets contain amino acid methionine and therefore they hold great value. One should note that the hull of a ragi grain is indigestible and therefore it is removed and processed before consumption. The nutritional value does not go away due to the processing and therefore ragi grains are excellent sources of essential nutrients. These can be mixed with other grains as well to prepare many traditional wholegrain foods like idli, roti, and upma.
  • Bajra: This is popularly known as pearl millets. These grains are gluten-free and are becoming increasingly popular due to their health benefits. They have a high fiber content due to which they can aid digestion and relieve constipation issues. They are also very good for heart health because they have a high magnesium content. The potassium in these grains helps dilate the blood vessels, allowing an easy flow of blood. They are also great detoxifying agents because they contain phenols, phytic acid, and tannins which help to prevent ageing.
  • Dehulled buckwheat: These grains are very energizing and nutritious and are also available throughout the year, sometimes served as an alternative to rice or made into a porridge. A lot of people tend to think that buckwheat is a cereal grain but as a fact, it is a fruit seed that can be used as an alternative to grains. It is very good for your cardiovascular health and is a good controlling agent for blood sugar levels as well as diabetes. The health rendering potential of buckwheat is higher than most fruits and vegetables, making it a great choice for regular consumption.
  • Jowar: This grain is miraculous and is an easy entry in the top five healthiest grains list. It has recently become the “new quinoa” owing to its gluten-free nature and numerous health benefits. It is excellent for digestion because it is very high on fiber, hence relieving issues like gas, bloating, and constipation. They boost the overall immunity because they contain copper, magnesium, and calcium. They also contain iron which helps to increase the number of red blood cells in the body. Jowar is a very potent source of protein that will energize your body effectively.

Now that you know how important it is to inculcate whole grains in your regular diet, you must not hold back from using them. The mentioned varieties are some of the most popular ones and can be used easily in your daily routines. Dwelling in good health is very precious and will take you forward in life. Therefore, you must never overlook the importance of eating right.


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