Why is cheese popcorn the best flavour of popcorn?

Posted on June 16th, 2022 07:04 PM
Cheese Popcorn Masala (Powder)

Who doesn’t like mindless munching on popcorn? Popcorn is one of the greatest snacks of all time and for all the right reasons. It’s tasty, light and has low calories. What more do we even need! This crunchy delight is a quick and easy-to-make snack. 

It is usually boiled in water before it is popped and often served with butter or salt added to it for flavour. Popcorn can also be flavoured with spices such as chilli powder or cumin, and garlic powder. But one of the most popular popcorn variations has to be cheese popcorn. When cheese powder is mixed with popcorn, one can’t resist finishing the whole bowl of this snack. It is the perfect pastime snack that can accompany you at any time of the day. 

Here are some reasons why popcorn is so popular:

  • They are easy to make: Just pop some popcorn and add your favourite toppings like cheese popcorn masala.
  • You can easily make your favourite flavour of Popcorn with readymade mixtures available in the market.  For eg: You can relish a cheesy snack with cheese popcorn powder
  • Popcorn can be eaten plain, with salt, pepper, caramel or cheese. So they are very versatile.
  • A bag of popcorn costs only a few cents, making them a cost-effective snack.
  • Popcorn is made from simple ingredients that don't contain too many calories or unhealthy fats.
  • Popcorn is a portable snack which means that you can take them with you wherever you go. You can eat them on their own or use them as the base for other snacks such as trail mix or smacked bars.

Popular flavours of Popcorn:

There are many different varieties of popcorn, and each has its own unique flavour and texture. It can also be enjoyed in different ways, such as eating it plain or adding different flavours and spices to make popcorn more tempting to eat. Some most popular types of popcorn are:

  1. Cheese popcorn: This popcorn is made with cheese and spices. Cheese popcorn is a great snack for movie night, or any time you want something cheesy and delicious.
  2. Butter popcorn: Butter popcorn is another popular type of popcorn. It's creamy and buttery, and it tastes super amazing.
  3. Chocolate popcorn: This popcorn is made with chocolate chips, which give it a sweet and rich chocolaty taste.
  4. Caramel corn- A classic favourite, caramel corn is made by heating sugar until it begins to caramelize, then adding corn and popping it. 
  5. Air Popped Popcorn: This type of popcorn is loaded with air and has a very light and fluffy texture. It's perfect for those who prefer a lighter snack.
  6. Roasted Garlic Popcorn: This type of popcorn is coated in garlic oil and spices, giving it a mesmerizing roasted garlic flavour.
  7. Salted Caramel Popcorn: This type of popcorn is sweetened with caramel and salt, giving it a very addicting flavour.
  8. Mozzarella cheese popcorn: It’s light and creamy, making it the perfect choice for a snack.
  9. Coated popcorn: This type of popcorn is made with a mixture of corn, cinnamon, butter, and sugar. It can be enjoyed both hot and cold, and can also be spiced up with garlic and herbs or other flavours.

Different types of popcorn can be enjoyed depending on what you are in the mood for.

Now as we are aware of the benefits and popular types of popcorn let’s know about the most loved flavour in the popcorn world.

Cheese popcorn, the most satisfying snack

The combination of popcorn and cheese is as popular as a classic love. Cheese and popcorn are both delicious, and together they make for a perfect snack. They are popular as a food pairing because they complement each other well. Whether it's watching a movie or just enjoying some popcorn and cheese on a lazy afternoon, these two favourites will always work together. And no matter how old you get, you'll never forget the first time you had them together.

Cheese is salty, fatty, and creamy, while the popcorn is light and airy. Together, they create a perfect balance in flavour and texture. Cheese popcorn has a taste to which kids, adults and everyone become addicted to it. You can’t resist popping some popcorn in your mouth and then licking your fingers clean. 

We are sure that you would be a fan of this tempting blend but the price of cheese popcorn in the market can be slightly higher than a few other varieties due to its high demand. We have added an easy recipe of home-made cheese popcorn that gets ready in no time.

Cheese Popcorn Recipe:

You can pop popcorn kernels using an oven or pressure cooker both but we have presented a recipe with a pressure cooker here. Follow these simple steps to make perfect popcorn every time: 

  1. Heat the oil/ butter in a pressure cooker. 
  2. Add dry corn kernels and salt as per taste to it.
  3. Saute the mixture for a few seconds on a high flame.
  4. Remove the ring and whistle from the lid and cover the cooker with the lid.
  5. Cook for a few minutes till the popping sound stops.
  6. Remove the lid and transfer popcorn to a large bowl. 
  7. Add cheese popcorn masala to the hot popcorn and toss nicely.

And voila, enjoy your delicious popcorn!

Reasons for using Cheese popcorn masala

Cheese popcorn made at home is undoubtedly easy and lets you relish the flavour of theater like popcorn at home. The amazing flavour of this masala is due to the presence of flavourous spices in it. While preparing popcorn at home be cautious about selecting the best quality cheese powder to relish the cheesy snack.

If you want to enjoy a delicious snack time, then popcorn is the perfect food. It is an easy and fun snack to enjoy with friends. Popcorn is perfect to binge-watch a movie.

Cheese popcorn combines two of people's favourite things: popcorn and cheese. Popcorn and cheese have a long and passionate history. Cheese popcorn masala is a delicious blend. So, next time you are searching for the right delicacies to munch on, give cheese popcorn masala a try.


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