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Refresh Organic Chana Dal is also called Bengal gram, and any cook who appreciates real Indian food relies on it as a staple of numerous dinner and lunch meals. It is famous for being a nutritious and healthy food.

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Refresh Organic Chana Dal is ordinarily used to make dals, a nourishing and tasty soup eaten every day in India. Chana Dal is rich in plant protein and contains low-glycemic carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The beans of chana dal have a mild flavour and can be spiced in a variety of ways. Without skin and split, chana is known as Split Bengal Gram. Refresh Chana dal is delicious, nutritious and is easy to digest. It is free from chemicals and pesticides and good for health.

Ways to Use Refresh Organic Chana Dal:-

  • Refresh Organic Chana dal is a common food in Indian cuisine. It is used to make curries, stews and even light snacks. It can be even used to make soups and can be an ingredient in salads.

Benefits of Refresh Organic Chana Dal:-

  • It is good for diabetic people as it has a low Glycemic Index. (Glycemic index measures the effect of food on blood sugar level).
  • Organic Chana Dal is filled with protein, fiber and iron. Chana Dal is a rich source of nutrients like folic acid, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc.
  • It checks heart disease, helps in reducing weight and lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals. It is Non-GMO and free of additives.

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