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Refresh Organic Conchiglie is a pasta that is shaped like shells. This pasta will satisfy your exotic food cravings and at the same time will be a healthy and nutritious meal.

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Refresh Organic conchiglie pasta is an Italian pasta that resembles conch shells. Conchiglie pasta is normally wide in center, tapering down to narrow sides. It is mostly served with tomato curry, sauces, or with pasta salads. Conchiglie pasta is a shell shaped pasta which comes in wide range of sizes, from tiny shells for soups to jumbo shells which can be stuffed and baked. The sturdy shape holds up well under vegetable sauces, while the hollow parts of the shells can trap thinner sauces. Refresh conchiglie is a pasta made of wheat suji that is easy to digest and far more nutritious than flour. It contains no cholesterol and negligible amount of fat.

Ways to Use Refresh Organic Conchiglie Pasta:-

  • Refresh organic conchiglie pasta can be served in dinner or snack time as a pasta dish. When boiled, the pasta becomes soft and blends well with curries and vegetables.

Benefits of Refresh Organic Conchiglie Pasta:-

  • Contains 100% Wheat suji, no maida.
  • It is easy to digest and contains zero cholesterol.
  • They have an absorbent texture which is excellent for soaking up sauces.
  • Refresh Conchiglie pasta is a great source of protein.
  • Organic certified product. No additives and Non-GMO.

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