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Organic CTC Masala Tea

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Benefits of Organic CTC Masala Tea - Helps improve digestion, Alleviates nausea and Supports immune system

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Organic masala tea is a wholesome package of taste and a healthy lifestyle. Masala tea provides the individual health benefits of each spice mixed to make this amazing tea including anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects.

Refresh Chai Masala Powder is creates a rich red brown color with lingering aroma and a brisk refreshing taste when they are boiled in Indian method. CTC Tea in its dry form and is very similar in pelleted form. It's intrinsically quite dark pigmented machinery processed tea. When tea is infused 40% of elements of tea eaves dissolves conforming to the international health standards. The tea tastes the best with milk and sugar added to it.

Benefits of Organic CTC Masala Tea:

  • The constituent spices and anti-oxidants in organic masala chai improve metabolism and have stress relieving properties.

  • It is packed with the goodness of protein, calcium, iron and vitamins.

  • Improves digestion

  • Alleviates Nausea


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