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Refresh Organic Flax Seeds generally have a mild, nutty flavour like that of wheat germ, and are often added to cereals, pancakes, muffins, breads or yogurt. Flax seeds are high in essential fatty acids and an excellent source of fiber.

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Refresh Organic flax seeds have a mellow, nutty flavour and are regularly added to grains, flapjacks, biscuits, breads and even yogurt. Flax seeds offer an impressive percentage unsaturated fats that are essential for a healthy heart. Flax seeds can be an amazing natural supplement for people who require nutrients like fiber and protein. They are generally used in salads and calorie-deficit health bowls to increase their nutritional value. They are high in fiber so they can help you feel satisfied for a long time and help in weight loss management.

Ways to use Refresh Organic Flax seeds:

  • Refresh Organic Flax seeds can be sprinkled in your daily breakfast cereal or used in baked products like cookies, muffins and breads. It can be also used in spreads like mayonnaise, mustard etc.

Benefits of Refresh Organic Flax Seed:-

  • Organic Flax Seeds are rich in the omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.
  • Flax seeds can be used to improve digestive health and heart health.
  • They lower blood pressure, cholesterol may benefit people with diabetes.
  • Rich in dietary fiber, they are good for weight loss.
  • 100% organic and certified flax seeds.


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