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Organic Isabgol

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Benefits of Organic Isabgol - Helps treat diarrhea, Lowers cholesterol levels and Good for heart

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Isabgol a form of Psyllium Husk is a natural vegetable product, retrieved from Isabgol seeds by the process of milling.It is the upper coating of plant ago ovata which is purified by sieving and winnowing and is a natural healthy fiber which is not absorbed in the human intestine. It is mainly useful as a bowel regulator. Isabgol absorbs the water of body and swells up to give increased bulk in the intestine. The fiber present in Isabgol is completely soluble in nature. Isabgol is recommended for relief from problems associated with chronic constipation such as piles, fissures and fistulas.

Refresh Organic Psyllium/Isabgol is a characteristic wellspring of both dis solvable and insoluble fiber. The dis solvable fiber in Psyllium turns into an adhesive substance when blended with water that rinses the GI tract of undigested sustenance, fat, sugars, and regular poisons.

Benefits of Organic Isabgol:

  • Helps treat diarrhea.

  • Lowers cholesterol levels.

  • Good for heart.

  • Isabgol promotes normal peristaltic movements and bowel mobility.

  • It helps to moisten the hard stools and bring down the burning sensation after defecation.


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