Organic Quinoa Vegetable Khichdi

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Benefits of Organic Quinoa Vegetable Khichdi - Contains antioxidant properties, Rich in fiber and Source of calcium

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Quinoa, is an excellent nutrient rich food which is slowly gaining popularity and when combined with rice and moong dal, it makes a healthy meal for small babies. The immense health benefits that it has, can be incorporated in diet of infants, kids, adults, pregnant and lactating mothers or diabetic patients. This gluten-free, low-carb dish is loaded with healthy goodness of vegetables, lentil, and quinoa. Serve it in brunch or dinner with some salad, curd or buttermilk to have a healthy meal.

Refresh Quinoa Vegetable Khichdi is a healthy and great dinner to have with quinoa, rice, and vegetables. Quinoa and rice together make a filling and tasty dinner. Rice Khichadi is vegan and completely high in quality protein. It is enriched with rich super foods to enhance antioxidant properties, fiber, and increase Calcium.

Benefits of Organic Quinoa Vegetable Khichdi:

  • Refresh's Organic Sprouted Quinoa, increases digestibility, bio availability of proteins content of the meal.

  • It is soft and mildly spicy in taste.

  • The recipe is diabetic-friendly and perfect food for calorie conscious people, toddlers and the elderly people.

  • It is versatile and can be used as a replacement for rice.


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