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Organic Ragi Whole

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Benefits of Organic Ragi Whole - Effective for weight loss, Contains dietary fiber, Helps in controlling blood cholesterol levels and Rich in calcium, iron and protein

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Ragi is an ancient grain fof our country. It is small in size and deep brown in color. The grain is naturally gluten-free and can be used to make many things, including dosa, roti, kitchari, ladoos, upma,etc.

Refresh Organic ragi flour is rich in calcium, protein and iron and is useful for children and expectant mothers. For a healthy lifestyle you should switch to Organic Ragi Whole today..

Benefits of Organic Ragi Whole:

  • Organic Ragi Whole has the benefits of weight loss and lowering blood cholesterol levels.

  • Contains dietary fiber which helps in controlling blood cholesterol levels

  • Rich in calcium, iron and protein


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