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Refresh Organic Ragi Whole is a nutritious grain that is used to make several popular Indian dishes. It is a very versatile grain used to make nutrient dense healthy food, especially breakfast meals.

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Ragi is an ancient grain that is popularly used in our country. Tiny grains deep brown in colour, are gluten free and extremely nutritious. Refresh Organic ragi whole is rich in calcium, protein, iron and has essential amino acids. It has negligible levels of cholesterol and sodium which makes it a wholesome food that is heart healthy. The nutrients present in it decreases bad cholesterol levels and enhances good cholesterol levels. Ragi whole is considered a super food because it improves overall health and provides essential nutrients to the body to make it stronger.

Ways to use Refresh Ragi Whole:-

  • Refresh Organic Ragi whole can be used to make a healthy and wholesome breakfast and meals. Ragi whole can be used to make many dishes, including dosa, roti, kitchari, ladoos, upma etc.

Benefits of Refresh Organic Ragi Whole:-

  • Immensely nutritional whole grain used to make healthy recipes.
  • Contains dietary fiber which helps in controlling blood cholesterol levels.
  • Completely pure and adulteration free.
  • 100% certified organic product, grown in a sustainable way.
  • Clears digestive tract and increases metabolism rate.

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