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Organic Salad Seasoning

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Benefits of Organic Salad Seasoning - Lowers Cholesterol, Improves heart health and Rich in antioxidants

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The high percentage of natural and certified organic herbs can make salad dressing- a healthy and flavorsome delight. A perfectly balanced salad recipe is made by adding onions, basil, parsley, pepper, chives, garlic, turmeric and dill tips and pure- non-iodized sea salt and a hint of lemon.

Refresh Organic Salad Seasoning is a nicely balanced seasoning mixture with great texture from the yellow, black mustard, parsley and black pepper. Sprinkle this salad seasoning generously over a salad, or with potatoes, roasted vegetables and grilled chicken or fish to make your desired dishes.

Benefits of Organic Salad Seasoning:

  • NO preservatives, color & flavors, and NO genetically modified organism.

  • A unique blend of delicate and pungent flavors.

  • It is perfectly suited for salads and vegetable dishes.


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