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Organic Tea Ctc Classic

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Benefits of Organic Tea Ctc Classic : Helps De-Stress, Delivers Antioxidant Nutrients and Reduces Risk Of Cardiovascular Ailments

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A special brand of tea just made for you! Refresh Organic CTC classic tea is made from new buds of wide leaved tea plant specifically picked and progressed to prepare Classic Tea. Such tea creates rich red dark color shading with reviving taste when blended with milk and sugar.

Refresh's Organic Tea CTC classic is admired on large scale among clients for its natural aroma and refreshing taste. CTC Tea in its dry form feels an aroma like that of tea, very similar in pelleted form. CTC is characterized by having sturdy grains of tightly rolled tea leaves with regular colors. The processing has three stages tear, curl and cut and the resultant product looks similar to small pellets of tea.

Benefits of Organic Tea Ctc Classic:

  • Organic Indian Tea consumption is associated with reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. It may blunt spike in sugar level after the meal.

  • Organic Tea Polyphemus may protect against damage caused by ultraviolet B radiations.

  • It helps to reduce stress level, delivers antioxidant nutrients and reduces risk Of Cardiovascular Ailments.


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