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Organic Wheat Suji

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Benefits of Organic Wheat Sooji - It has high gluten content, It is high in protein and Rich in dietary fiber and carbohydrates

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Organic Wheat Suji provides a beneficial source of protein and B-complex vitamins such as folate and thiamin, which supports and nourishes the overall functioning of skin and muscles. Wheat Suji is made from soft form of wheat which is whiter in colour. Wheat Suji helps to make delicious delicacies. The high quality hard wheat grain is processed into granular grains due to which everything taste good with Suji.

Refresh Wheat Suji (Semolina) atta is a purified coarse whole wheat used in making pasta, breakfast, cereals and puddings. When boiled wheat suji turns into soft and mushy porridge. We provide the finest quality of wheat suji that has high gluten content, high protein, dietary fiber and carbohydrates.

Benefits of Organic Wheat Suji Atta:

  • It contains enough Calcium and Magnesium which can help to keep muscles healthy.

  • It has high gluten content, protein and is rich in dietary fiber and carbohydrates

  • It improves your cardiovascular health and prevents heart attacks, heart failures, etc.

  • It contains sufficient amount of iron which is needed for your body.


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