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Organic Red Rice

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Benefits of Organic Red Rice - Controls glucose and cholesterol and Rich in fiber

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Organic Red Rice is high in fibre because of the bran, and the flavour is much stronger than that of hulled rice, tasting more nutty. When red rice is cooked, the natural red colour in the bran or hull of the rice, leaches out, and dyes the rest of the dishes red to pink. As it consist of component called anthocyanin, the rice is usually consumed either partially hulled or unhulled. Red rice has eye grabbing colour and contains much more nutrient value as compared to other varieties of rice like brown rice, white rice or black rice.

Refresh's Red rice can be served with a variety of foods in addition to being eaten on its own, and it can be incorporated into risotto and other mixed rice dishes as well.

Benefits of Organic Red Rice:

  • Refresh Organic Red rice is enriched with goodness of antioxidants and magnesium, which helps to prevent and cure several diseases.

  • It is ideal for all heart and diabetic patients as it has glucose and cholesterol lowering capacity. It also has an attribute of rich fiber because of the bran.

  • Red rice can also prevent Asthma.

  • Improved level of oxygen in the body and help to elevate your mood and you feel energetic.

  • Red rice helps in digestion


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