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How are raisins beneficial to you? Top Health Benefits You Should Know

Posted on: April 22nd, 2021 01:58 PM

The dry fruits world is not only ruled by almonds and cashews. There is another popular member that is not only equally nutritious but also super delicious. Yes, we are talking about Raisins! Also, known as kishmish in India, they are sun-dried small grapes that taste just as sweet and refreshing. Despite their small size, they are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that make them a superfood.
Here are a few of the
 health benefits of raisins that will make you eat them every day:-

  • Boosts immunity:- Raisins are definitely included in the list when we talk about foods that boost immunity. They are a rich source of many vitamins and minerals that are essential for the human body. Raisins are extremely nutritious and provide our body with antioxidants that fight disease-causing bacteria and strengthen our immune system. 

  • Rich source of iron:-  Raisins fulfil a substantial percentage of the daily recommended intake of iron. Eating raisins regularly can help you prevent many disorders that happen due to lack of iron. They play a crucial role in managing and treating diseases like anaemia that happens due to the decrease in the number of red blood cells in the blood. Iron is an important nutrient required for the formation of red blood cells. 

  • Strengthens bones:- Along with iron, raisins are also a great source of calcium. If you regularly consume raisin, you also intake a good amount of calcium in your body. This intake of calcium strengthens your bones. Calcium also increases bone density and helps to prevent diseases like arthritis. Raisin is truly one of the most nutritional dry fruits to have. 

  • Contains a heavy load of antioxidants:-  Raisins are a powerhouse of antioxidants. These antioxidants fight free radicals in your body and support the immune system. The antioxidants fight several disease-causing bacteria and viruses to save us from falling sick. Along with that the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties present in raisin saves us from unwanted illnesses and infections. 

  • Aids in digestion:- Raisins help to clear the digestive tract and boost metabolism. They facilitate digestion and help to cure/prevent many digestion-related disorders. Raisins are rich in fiber that promotes bowel movement and helps with diseases like constipation. Raisins also have detoxifying properties that help to remove all the toxins from the body. 

  • Controls blood pressure:- Blood pressure is one of the most common diseases in India. Although common, it is a chronic disease and can lead to a major health crisis. To manage blood pressure, diet also plays an important role. Raisins are high in potassium and fiber that help to improve blood circulation and provide relief from hypertension. Regularly consuming raisins can help to manage blood pressure. 

Are organic raisins better? 

As we discussed, raisins are in fact nutritious and healthy. However not every type of raisin provides the same kind of nutrition and health benefits. 

Conventional raisins are grown with the help of pesticides and harmful fertilizers that hamper the nutrition of raisins. They are ladened with harmful chemicals when grown and also processed using harmful chemicals. Conventional raisins not only devoid you of nutrition but also may hamper your health in the long term because these chemicals and pesticides weaken your immune system and may lead to the arrival of auto-immune diseases. 

On the other hand, organic raisins are grown in a traditional way without the use of any harmful pesticides or fertilizers. Organic raisins are not only more nutritious and healthier but they also lower your exposure to chemicals and pesticides that may harm your body. Certification of being organic is attached to their premium quality so that the consumers are assured. They are 100% pure and safe with a natural taste. 

Different ways to include organic raisins in your diet :

Raisin is a type of dry fruit that is small in size and sweet in taste. It is extremely nutritious and at the same time very delicious. Raisin is one of the most loved dry fruits by people of all age. Some of the most common ways you can include raisins in your diet are:- 

  • You can add organic raisins to your trail mix along with other nuts and seeds. They will surely add a sweet element to the nutty taste of the trail mix. 

  • You can add organic raisins to your breakfast cereal. They will provide a natural sweetness to your milk and cereal bowl and make it even more delicious. 

  • Raisins are small and have a smooth texture. They can also be used in baking muffins or cakes. Along with providing natural sweetness, they can even increase the nutrition quotient of the baked goods and make them healthier. 

Summing it up 
The nutrition and health benefits of raisin are not just scientifically proven but also tried and tested by people from all over the world for hundreds of years. Raisin is one of the most popular dry fruits because of its innumerable benefits. When buying raisins online, make sure you buy organic raisins that are quality certified. 


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