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How healthy is Mango Pickle?

Posted on: April 12th, 2022 06:34 PM

Pickles are India’s favourite condiment. Their sweet, savoury and tangy taste can perfectly blend with all the main courses of Indian cuisine. Every corner of our nation has unique ingredients and recipes for making pickles, but one out of many different varieties is popular in every Indian household. Mango, known as ‘the king of fruits’ has a dominant name in the world of pickles as well. A delicious taste of mango pickle lets you relish the flavour of seasonal mangoes throughout the year. A delicious taste and traditional touch of Re:fresh mango pickle lets you relish the flavour of seasonal mangoes throughout the year. 

This pickle is made with the interplay of wisely selected ingredients like raw mangoes, spices and oil to impart a delicious flavour. Though our nation has an old tradition of making pickles at home, a modern busy lifestyle makes adhering to this principle very difficult. Ready-made mango pickles with the touch of homemade flavours are now easily available in the market so you can savour these delicacies with ease.

The mouth-watering taste of ‘Aam ka Aachar’ can be accompanied by several dishes like dal-rice, roti-sabzi and others. 
Benefits of consuming Mango Pickle:

    1. Excellent antioxidant content.

The jar of mango pickle can provide a good defence against the free radicals harming the body cells. Mango pickle is loaded with antioxidants and protects the body from oxidative damage.  Antioxidants are preserved in this pickle because raw mangoes are pickled freshly without cooking. 

    2. Rich with nutrients.

Mango pickle can probably be one of the tastiest sources for consuming many healthy nutrients. Mango is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K and fibre. And also, the spice content in this pickle has an excellent nutrient profile. 

3. Boosts immunity.

Mango pickle has been found helpful for boosting immunity. Consuming pickles in safe quantities help the body in receiving the right levels of nutrients for keeping the body healthy. Mango also contains essential nutrients like B vitamins, copper, folate, and Vitamin E which are very effective immunity boosters.

    4. Good for hair and skin.

The goodness of Vitamin C in mango pickles makes them an ideal condiment for enhancing skin and hair health. The presence of Vitamin C produces more collagen which helps in deep cleansing the skin and also keeps it radiant and soft. 

    5. Improves digestion.

Mango pickle is enriched with an abundance of fibre. It aids in healthy bowel movement and improves the functioning of the digestive system. The enzymes present in this pickle break down the protein content in the body and provide protection against stomach related issues. 

    6. Maintains blood pressure.

Magnesium and potassium present in mangoes and spices keep the blood pressure levels under check. The helpful compounds of this pickle are useful in preventing hypertension and can possibly promote heart health.

    7. Supports eye health.

Lutein, zeaxanthin, and Vitamin A in mangoes are known to function well for eyesight. The powerful antioxidants present in this pickle aid in improving vision and might prevent age-related eye diseases.

    8. Helps in weight loss.

Mango pickles eaten in moderation could also help with weight loss. This pickle has phytochemicals that act as a fat burner. The good dietary fibre content of this pickle keeps the digestive tract healthy. It also keeps your stomach fuller for a longer duration of time and frees you from excess eating. Thus, a delicious pickle can help you in shedding some kilos along with relishing this succulent pickle.

Summing it up:
The best mango pickle is one that is made with the right blend of fresh ingredients and offers a delicious experience along with enhancing your health. For reaping the complete benefits it is very necessary to consume this savoury condiment in moderate quantities. You can buy a mango pickle online or offline and watch your family savour it with delight. Shop Now Re:fresh mango pickle with traditional taste.


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