How to pick your favorite Indian pickle?

Posted on August 20th, 2021 03:05 PM
Types of Pickles in India

If you are Indian, you would definitely be aware of what Pickle or Achaar is. After all, Achaar is a common tangy fruit in every Indian household. Pickling is the oldest method of food preservation. Before Refrigerators, people used pickling to prolong the life of food items. Indian pickles are a perfect blend of tangy and sour taste. It can complement any Indian dish in the most delicious way.

We Indians can pickle almost everything. From mango pickles to chilli, there are several types of Indian pickles. Be it roti, paratha, rice or any other dish Indian pickle can be eaten with every food item. The popularity of Indian pickles is not limited to India, but they are famous worldwide. 

Some of the famous Indian pickles:

  • Mango pickle:

India’s favourite pickle-‘Aam ka Aachar’ is delicious of all. Packed with the goodness of raw mangoes this pickle has various health benefits. Mango pickles are available in two varieties. First is its tangy and spicy flavoured pickle which tastes great.

The second is a sweet mango pickle. Pickle filled with a burst of flavours is a favourite of almost every Indian. Made with raw mangoes dried in the sun and spices it is a delight to taste.

Another variety of sweet mangoes is a mouth-watering pickle with minimal ingredients known as katki pickle. Raw mangoes are sliced into very small pieces, mixed with red chilli, cumin and a tasty pickle is ready to eat. It is sweet and goes perfect with meals and hot snacks.

There is one more variety of sweet pickles, which includes nicely grated raw mangoes. Grated mangoes are mixed with sweet syrup and spices. This pickle offers sweet and spicy tastes and is famous amongst children. It has a distinct taste and amazing flavour. It is also known by the name Chhundo in Gujarat.

  • Mixed Pickle:
Another famous pickle from India is a perfect blend of a variety of fruits, vegetables and spices. Ingredients are perfectly chosen to enhance their taste. This mixture of different vegetables and fruits give it an exceptional taste and flavour.

  • Lemon pickle:

This sweet, tangy, and spicy flavoured pickle can enhance any meal. Famous with the name Nimbu ka achar throughout the nation, this pickle is delicious to eat. Pickled lemon and its syrup both are full of flavour. In many parts of the nation, roasted and grounded mustard seeds are also added to make it richer in taste. Being rich in Vitamin C and iron, lemon pickle aids in proper digestion.

We Indians are smart and know how to make the best use of spices. With our pickling techniques, we have been successful in mixing sweet flavour with sour lemons and spices in the form of Sweet lime pickle aka meetha nimbu ka achar. It is a perfect mixture of sweet and tangy tastes.

  • Chilli pickle:

Indians’ love for spices has made chilli pickles one of the most celebrated pickles of India. And for those who love that extra spicy chilli pickle is just the perfect option for you. Pickles with both types of chillies i.e Green and Red are made.

Green chilli pickle is good for those who want to lose weight without cutting on tangy pickles. It’s just made by mixing green chillies, spices and a little mustard oil. This blend makes it a pickle of amazing taste, low fats, carbohydrates and health benefits.

Another chilli pickle is the spiciest of all, Red chilli pickle. Prepared from fresh red chillies, cottonseed oil and various spices, Red chilli pickle aka Lal Mirch ka achar is super hot and spicy. Along with giving a spicy kick to your meal it also contains vitamins and nutrients, useful for clearing congestion and reducing cholesterol.

  • Gunda pickle:

Mostly found in western India, Gunda aka Gumberry is a sticky, chewy and tangy fruit, which has been used for pickling for ages. This pickle is sour and spicy in taste and offers delicious flavour. Gunda pickle has wide popularity in Gujarat and Rajasthan as it complements their cuisine.

Summing it up:
Pickles perfectly complement every Indian meal. Its presence can turn a boring meal into a tempting one. They not only enhance the taste but also add nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants to food, thus overall making food tasty and healthy. There is a wide variety of pickles available in India and each has its own distinct characteristic. With the advancement of digitalization, pickles are easily available online at your fingertips.


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