Goodness of Mangoes

How to relish the goodness of Mangoes all season long?

Posted on: October 14th, 2022 02:48 PM

Mangoes have been ruling the hearts of people for time immemorial. This sweet, luscious and tropical fruit is native to South Asia but has a huge fan base throughout the world. Why it wouldn’t have? After all, its rich flavour is something that transports one to a new world of delight. Mango is a delicious fruit but it also helps in preparing other sweet dishes like desserts. As the cold winter days wave goodbye and the scorching heat of summer approaches, people anxiously wait for mangoes.

Not only ripe mangoes are loved but raw mangoes have their own dominance. In India, raw mangoes are commonly used for making pickles and chutneys. Earlier females used to make these condiments on their own but the modern lifestyle has made it almost impossible. You can buy mango pickles and chutneys from the market. 

Mango- The King of Fruits is now gaining immense popularity in the world of beauty as well. The goodness of mango can clean, moisturize and exfoliate your skin. It also helps in improving scalp health.

Mangoes are seasonal but as a mango lover if you want to enjoy them all year long then this blog is just for you. Here we have highlighted the list of mango products that you can buy in all seasons:

Must-try Mango Based Products

  • Mango Delicacies.

Mango has a sweet flavour. When its rich flavour is added to desserts it can delight you with every bite/ sip. Let’s see some popular mango-based desserts.

  • Custard.

Custard can be eaten plain and can also perfectly blend with another dessert. It is super easy to make, so you can also try preparing custard at home.

The exquisite taste of Mango Custard, lets you relish the king of fruits all year. When its flavour is blended with a creamy consistency, you will be delighted with its flavour and texture. If you are preparing mango custard during the mango season, don’t forget to top it up with small pieces of the fruit to bring the most out of it.

  • Milkshake.

Flavorous milkshakes are kids' favourite. It is one of the tastiest ways to consume healthy nutrients from milk. One does not need to wait for the mango season to savour the richness of Mango flavour. The Mango milkshake has a fine creamy texture with an enjoyable flavour. For preparing Mango Milkshake at home you can add readymade premix milk.

  • Falooda.

Falooda is one of the most loved Indian desserts. Mango falooda has a delicious and tempting flavour. This dessert has a perfect consistency that offers an exquisite taste. Topping up this falooda with vanilla or mango ice cream can enhance the experience. 

  • Condiments.

Mango can add new flavours to the dish as a condiment. Let’s see a few famous condiments made with mangoes.

  • Dry fruit mango chutney.

Dry fruit mango chutney is an exquisite blend of mangoes, selected dry fruits and spices. Its deliciously sweet and nutty flavour is a real bliss to eat. This chutney can add zest to everything you eat. It can be relished as a dipping sauce or as a spread but in every form, it offers a pleasant experience. Dry fruit mango chutney offers the dual goodness of mangoes and dry fruits. 

  • Mango pickle.

The Mango pickle aka ‘Aam Ka Aachar’ is the most commonly consumed Indian pickle. It is a spicy and tasty delicacy. Prepared with raw mangoes and blended with flavourful spices, this pickle has a hot and spicy flavour that can lift any boring meal up with its tangy taste. This spicy achar can be combined with all Indian cuisines. From breakfast to dinner, this pickle can be relished whenever your hunger desires. 

The goodness of mangoes makes this pickle super nutritious. It can increase metabolism and is likely to be packed with nutrients like calcium, iron, Vitamin A and C.

  • Sweet mango pickle.

Sweet mango pickle is made with ripe mangoes combined with a dash of appetizing spices and sugar. This rich blend of flavours provides an appetizing sweet taste to this pickle. A touch of spices and sweet flavour makes this pickle a delicious pick for pickle-loving Indians. This pickle is a rich blend of amazing ingredients and can be eaten with a variety of Indian dishes.

  • Methiya mango pickle.

Methiya Mango Pickle is a traditional pickle made with raw mango pieces and fenugreek. It has a spicy and warm taste that can leave you craving more. The combination of all different ingredients makes this pickle a delightful condiment that can be enjoyed with several Indian meals. It is often consumed with Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisines.

Personal care products

Mango nourishment is all your skin needs to look and feel its best. Mangoes are rich in several essential vitamins and nutrients that boost your scalp and skin health. Let’s check a few amazing mango-based personal care products. 

  • Body wash: Mango Body Wash can add a refreshing feel to your shower time. Whether you want to give a kick start to your day or rest after a hectic schedule, the sweet scent of mango can excite your senses. The copper content in Mango helps to lighten the skin tone and fights free radicals. 
  • Face wash: Vitamin A in Mango takes care of acne and gives you clear and healthy skin. The sweet and soothing fragrance of Mango face wash can help you relax.
  • Shampoo: The mango-based shampoo is mild in nature. It takes complete care of your scalp and in no way happens to damage the hair. It brings a new life to your hair. The tropical aroma of Mango rejuvenates your scalp. 
  • Moisturizers: Vitamin K present in mango is an excellent skin moisturizer. It adds hydration to the skin and pampers it. In accordance with your skin type, you can choose any moisturizer among Body Milk, Body Cream, Body Lotion or Body Butter. The best thing about Mango based moisturizers is that they keep your skin smelling fresh all day long.
  • Body Scrub: Regular scrubbing is necessary for effectively removing dead skin cells. Mango Body Scrub is one of the best exfoliators available in the market today. The sweet fragrance of Mango Scrub can keep your skin fragrant and happy. Its fruity goodness gives your skin a radiant and beautiful glow. 

Summing it up: 
Mango is a versatile fruit. It can delight your taste buds and can also help you to look beautiful. Enjoy the flavour and nutrition of mango throughout the year by choosing mango-based products.


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