Is Organic Food Really Better? 6 Benefits Of Organic Food That Will Fight For The Case

Posted on May 10th, 2021 11:15 AM
Organic Food Products

To meet the demand of a growing population, our farming techniques have taken a commercial route. Over the years, many farmers started to use fertilizers, chemical pesticides, and artificial growth hormones to enhance the growth of their crops. What started as an effective way to protect the crops and grow them quickly, soon became a problem with long-term effects on health and the environment. 

The chemicals used in farming made crops less nutritious. Excessive chemicals can mess the functioning of our body and make it internally weak. As a solution to this problem, people started shifting back to the food produced with traditional methods where no fertilizers and pesticides are involved. 

Organic food refers to the food products that are grown without the use of any chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, and modifiers. The food grown through organic farming is 100% naturally grown. Several people deny that organic food has benefits over conventional food. But isn’t pure and natural food produce more beneficial than crops added with chemicals? Let’s find out few such benefits of organic food products that will help you make up your mind to shift to organic

Benefits of Organic Food:

  • More nutrition and antioxidants: The mineral and vitamin contents of organic foods are proved to be higher than those of conventionally grown food. It is because the soil in which the organic food is grown is more fertile and its quality is not hampered by chemicals and fertilizers. Also, harmful pesticides are not sprayed on the crops which can hamper their nutritional profile. Eating organic food helps you attain more nutrition from your diet. 

  • Beneficial for overall health: If you have shifted to organic groceries for regular consumption, you can expect a substantial change in your health. Organic food is natural and pure which makes it more nutritious and not at all harmful to the body. Better nourishment leads to fewer diseases and improvement in overall health. 

  • Natural and authentic taste: Organic food products have a natural taste, colour and shape. They are not genetically modified to look or taste a certain way. No artificial flavours, colours or elements are added to them. Organic food has an authentic and natural taste because it is grown in a traditional and sustainable way. 

  • Free of harsh chemicals and pesticides: In conventional farming, various types of chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides are used to enhance the growth of crops. These chemicals are harmful and often poisonous. Organic foods contain no such harmful chemicals that can prove to be poisonous to the body. Organic foods are natural, pure and free of any kind of chemicals, growth hormones, fertilizers or pesticides. 

  • Environment friendly: Organic food is grown in a sustainable way. The chemicals and fertilizers are not just bad for the crops but also cause land and water pollution. They harm the fertile land and make it less nutritious. Organic food does not use any such chemicals that harm the environment and make it more polluted. 

  • Reduced risk of auto-immune and diseases: The chemicals used in farming are harmful to our health as they can mess up our hormonal balance and trigger chronic and auto-immune diseases. These chemicals weaken our immune system and lead to diseases like cancer. Organic farming follows a strict standard where no such chemicals are allowed. Organic food lessens the risk of several diseases and makes the immune system strong to fight disease-causing bacteria. 

Summing it up
Once you shift to organic groceries there is no going back. Another good thing about organic products is that no one can claim the word “organic” without getting the right certifications from national and international institutions. Shop from a wide range of certified organic groceries online only at Re:fresh Wellness


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