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Powder Detergent or Liquid Detergent? The Better Bet.

Posted on: November 1st, 2021 03:39 PM

Some things impact our lives more than we think they do. For eg:- laundry detergent. You pick the same one for each month aimlessly because it works out best for you. But imagine the horror if it doesn’t. Your regular mindless laundry activity becomes the centre of your life and you end up worrying about your clothes a lot more than you should.

So, when it comes to picking a detergent, you may want to keep some points in your head. Generally, there are two types of detergents:- Powder detergent and Liquid detergent. Some people switch between them, some people use only one and some use both. According to your requirements, you have to decide which one you want to go for. It’s not that stressful and boring as it sounds. There are some basic things that differentiate both of these detergents, which you have to know and evaluate to get your answer.

Powder detergent vs. Liquid detergent

This seems like an easy choice but it is a lot more confusing. Of course, it is not the most important decision of your life but you do need some faith in the detergent you select to wash your clothes. If you don’t think this through then you may end up wasting time, effort, money and of course your favourite t-shirt (due to colour fading).

In this blog, we have listed down the main differences for you so that you don’t have to overthink your detergent choice.

The temperature game:
When it comes to powder detergent, the temperature of the water is a crucial factor. If the water is cold, it may not work as effectively. Powder detergent takes less time to dissolve in hot water and hence works better. 

Whereas, the water temperature does not factor in the liquid detergent. It works just the same in both cold and hot water. Due to its liquid form, it proves to be more effective and efficient.

Who removes the Stains?
Powder detergent is quite harsh on stains. The formulation works effectively on dirt, grime etc. It is suitable to use for the wash if the stain is associated with comparatively larger particles. 

Liquid detergent works effectively on grease stains. Whether it’s machine wash or hand wash, liquid detergent works more effectively on stains than powder detergent. One can even apply liquid detergent directly on the stain to wash a small part of the cloth.

It’s all about convenience:
If we talk about convenience, liquid detergent is easier to handle. Because of its form, powder detergent doesn’t dissolve perfectly and if you are using a washer then it may leave build-up.

Liquid detergent is more suitable for your washing appliances as it won’t clog them or leave excessive build-up. Also, liquid detergent is less messy when it comes to measuring the detergent and using it during the wash.

Effect on clothes:
This is one of the important differentiation factors. How your clothes look and feel after the wash is what matters when you go to buy a detergent.

Power detergent brings down the quality of the clothes. It makes their texture harsh and stiff. As it can’t dissolve perfectly, sometimes you may even end up with white residue on your clothes. Its formulation can fade the colour of the clothes as well. Liquid detergent on the other hand deep cleanses the clothes and leaves no residue. It doesn’t damage the texture of the clothes and prevents colour fading as well. If you are someone who regularly washes their clothes then liquid detergent seems to be a safe bet.

Summing it up
Both the laundry detergents help to wash clothes and remove stains. But their effectiveness, feel, after-effect and drawbacks matter while choosing the best detergent. As we have discussed in this blog, liquid detergent seems a more appropriate choice as it has fewer drawbacks than powder detergent. 


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