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What is instant coffee and is it good for the health?

Posted on: August 20th, 2023 09:53 AM

Ah, coffee – the refreshing beverage that dances on our taste buds and energizes our senses. A cup of coffee is like a comforting hug for the soul, a moment of pure indulgence in the midst of our bustling lives. In the realm of coffee enthusiasts, that invigorating cup of Joe is more than just a morning ritual; it's an aromatic journey that kickstarts the day. For coffee lovers. And while traditionally brewed coffee has long held the spotlight, a new player has taken the stage – Instant Coffee.

What is Instant Coffee?

In a world where time is the ultimate luxury, instant coffee emerges as the saviour. It's the superhero that doesn't require a cape, just a spoon and a cup. Unlike its traditional counterpart, instant coffee is derived from brewed coffee beans that have been freeze-dried or spray-dried, transforming them into soluble granules of energy. No brewing, no filters, no patience required. It's like the espresso shot of convenience.

Instant coffee can be as refreshing as the traditional one, only if you purchase one from the right brand. Re:fresh Instant Coffee is made from premium quality beans, packed with unbeatable flavours and a rich aroma that serves warmth in every sip. From strong espresso to nutty hazelnut and chocolatey mocha, Re:fresh Instant Coffee is also available in a variety of tempting flavours.

Instant vs. Regular: The Coffee Clash

Now, let's delve into the age-old coffee debate: instant coffee vs. traditional coffee. While traditionalists might argue that nothing beats the charm of grinding fresh beans and brewing a pot of aromatic coffee, instant coffee holds its own unique charm. It's the ideal companion for the modern explorer, the busy bee, or anyone craving a quick caffeine fix.

Brewed coffee demands patience, precision, and a touch of artistry. You grind the beans, measure the proportions, perfect your brewing method, and wait as the aroma envelops your senses. Instant coffee, on the other hand, is your trusty steed in the race against time. No need for brewing contraptions, filters, or fancy machines. Just a quick scoop, hot water, a stir, and voilà – your cuppa is ready to whisk you away.

Instant Coffee's Insane Popularity.

Instant coffee is with us for more than 250 years and has slowly gained ground in popularity. Today, Instant coffee contributes to more than 50% of coffee consumption in some countries around the globe.

Instant coffee's popularity isn't just a happenstance; it's a testament to the modern world's thirst for efficiency. It's like having a world-class barista right in your pantry. As lives become more hectic, the demand for quick fixes and shortcuts has skyrocketed. Instant coffee steps in as a reliable companion, requiring only a cup, hot water, and a stir to transport you to coffee nirvana. Be it a rushed morning before work or a quiet evening indoors, instant coffee bridges the gap between craving and satisfaction with unparalleled ease.

And last but not least, Instant coffee is the cheapest coffee variety in the market today. 

How to make instant coffee?

Making instant coffee is as simple as learning ABC. It's the epitome of 'easy-peasy.' No need for a barista's touch or a coffee machine's prowess. Within moments, you're holding a cup of liquid motivation, ready to conquer your day.

Instant coffee doesn’t only get ready instantly but also the option of relishing it hot or cold. Yes, instant coffee can be made in both ways. For making a refreshing cup of instant coffee all you need is water or milk, your favourite coffee flavour, sugar and that’s it.

  1. For Hot Coffee:
    • Take one heaped teaspoon (1.5 g-2 g) of coffee in the cup.
    • Add freshly boiled water/milk (150 ml-200 ml).
    • Add sugar as per your taste and serve hot.
  2. For Cold Coffee:
    • Add 12 g-15 g coffee in 1 ltr Milk.
    • Add 75 g sugar or as per your taste, shake well and serve chilled.
    • You can choose to elevate your cup with cream, or sweeteners for the final touch of personalization.

Some mindblowing health benefits.

The appeal of instant coffee extends beyond convenience and flavour; it also comes with surprising health benefits.

Lesser caffeine, many benefits.

Instant coffee has a lesser caffeine content than its counterparts which is the biggest perk. Caffeine gives enhances your energy levels but extra it might lead to health concerns as per a few researches. Instant coffee’s caffeine content gives the required energy boost while also looking after your health.

Low inv.

The biggest plus point of Instant Coffee is its minimal calories. For all health enthusiasts, instant coffee is a boon, per standard cup of coffee contains only 5.6 calories.

Excellent nutritional profile.

Just like regular coffee, this instant variation also has a high nutrient presence. As per some researchers, as compared to regular coffee instant coffee has slightly higher antioxidants, that protect the body from free radicals. Researchers also suggest that it can boost metabolism, can be good for mental health and might be good for diabetes.

Summing it up:

In conclusion, instant coffee is a marvel that bridges the gap between our love for coffee and our modern lifestyles. It caters to our need for efficiency without depriving us of the joy that coffee brings. Shop your favourite Re:fresh Instant Coffee flavour and sip perfection.

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